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A single-serve coffee maker serves fresh coffee conveniently the way you like it. If you live alone and don’t want to brew coffee for family and gatherings, then these best single-serve coffee maker no-pods are a great choice for you. You don’t need to brew coffee for everyone, each family member has their preferences. Most people use single-cup coffee makers for their personal use, for instance, you can grab these pod-style one-person coffee machines for your dorm rooms and offices.

You can brew just 5 to 12 ounces of coffee without wasting time and coffee. Those people who love to have fresh pure coffee at any time want these pod-free coffee makers to be for them. Still, not all brands have equal quality of single brew coffee makers in this article you are going to read about the best single-serve coffee makers in the market of 2021. Few people still confused about what is the best single-serve coffee maker and how do they work? The answer to your questions lies here.

There are different varieties of coffee makers available in the market, they are programmable, automatic shut off, or even a single-person user. It depends on your requirements what suits you well according to your need.

A single-serve coffee maker is specially made for people who live individually and students who live in dorms. To go early in the mornings to class doors they grab a quick cup of fresh coffee. They do not worry to make coffee for all family members that is why they choose the best small single-serve coffee maker which is a space-saver too.

Why We Buy a Coffee Maker That Doesn’t Use Pods:

A one-cup coffee maker without pods certainly has some of its benefits. A ground-based coffee when one brew has its specialty in taste and aroma which is not fruitful when made by using pods. Because some plastic material and dust come with pods brewing. This method of making coffee without pods is cheaper than with pods.

Here below are some features that are important to consider before going to buy this type of coffee machine.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Best Non-Pod Coffee Maker:

You need to consider some factors that make your product worthy. So let’s have a look at each of them.

  • Amenity:

How to use a non-pod coffee maker is critical than with pods ones? But you will find more ease once you look at other varieties of these items. A coffee maker without pods can be automatic and manual. You can brew coffee by hand or with one touch of the screen.

It depends on your requirement and budget for buying a product. You can get a digital product according to your convenience level or can go for a manual one. But a hand-processing coffee maker is time taking machine as compared to another one.

  • Type of Coffee:

When you buy a single-serve coffee maker your top priority would be what type of coffee you are going to brew. If you are an espresso shot lover, you can go for an espresso best coffee maker. But if you are a fan of Italian or other kinds of coffee you can choose the best selection of Moka full pot. You can get a random brand coffee maker if you don’t care about the specialty of coffee tasting.

  • Filtering:

Two types of filters are mostly used for grinding and purifying coffee. Metal Mesh filters and paper filters. Metal ones are reusable and money safer they are not perfect for purifying your drink because some of the brew’s grinds let out into your coffee.

Some of you may be asking yourself what is the best single cup coffee maker of 2021 the answer to your query lies in this article. Keep reading for further discussion about the best reviews-based products of nonpod coffee makers.

Types of Top-Rated Best Non-Pod Coffee Makers:

1- Best Value Single Serve Coffee Maker of Black+Decker.

If you are looking for a small modest and elegant shape high-quality coffee maker without pods, then must go to pick this Black+Decker coffee maker. This brand is ranking at the top of our list just because of its reliable features and trustworthy relationship with customers.

This counter space saver with a moderate price tag is the best choice for those people who are looking for a simple yet elegant and compact coffee maker. You can your coffee by clicking one touch on its programmable start button. The start shut-off button works automatically and shuts down once you have done with your coffee.

Its water reservoir has enough depth space to hold 16-ounce of coffee you can easily grab this as your travel coffee partner. Make sure to measure coffee before making it because its water will brew once its temperature rise. On another side, all its non-electric features are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


  • Suitable for traveling.
  • Space saver.
  • Elegant metal body.


  • May splash when you brew in a mug.

2-Keurig Elite One Person Coffee Maker Pod Free:

When we talk about the best-tasting coffee maker that delivers delicious aroma as well as the fresh smooth texture of brew coffee then we have to choose this best performing Keurig Elite single brew coffee maker without pods. Its body is fully consistent and smooth that makes tasty coffee for individuals.

You can select its mode of working that has different features of making three types of brews, iced, regular, and strong coffee. Serving options on its body are not marked by numbers they have listed coffee heights and size. A beginner can easily use this machine by reading its simple working template.

Its 75-ounce large water reservoir has enough capacity to be used for a day. You don’t need to refill it again for making your day out. You can buy its reusable filter if you want to brew your coffee yourself. Its automatic programmable feature of time consistency is one of the best quality features that make this product the best non-pod coffee maker. This item comes with timer quality that makes it easy to operate.


  • Can make multiple brews.
  • High-quality product.
  • Best performer.


  • You can’t see its water level from the front side.

3- Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Best One Cup Coffee Maker:

According to experts, this vertuo espresso coffee maker is an all-rounder machine that can make a good crema texture espresso and coffee for you whenever you want. It can also create other delicious single-serve coffee drinks, such as double espresso, led to considerable, and regular coffee, in sizes up to 14 ounces.

When brewing coffee, people were impressed by the frothy but smooth whipped cream, which made the coffee appear silky smooth; you didn’t even need to add milk for crema texture.

Its operating method is easy to use you can make your coffee by clicking one touch of the start button. There is no need to start messing with brew size or coffee type because the machine reads the barcode on the coffee capsule and brews it accordingly. The Nespresso VertuoPlus only embraces large Nespresso capsules, which come in nearly 30 different flavors.


  • 30 options for making brews.
  • Experts recommend this product.
  • Can make silky, fine coffee.


  • Unable to take capsules other than Nespresso.

4- K-Duo Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer:

This item is one of the machines that can brew coffee at the same temperature and volume. The outcome coffee of this pod-style coffee maker is marvelous in taste as well as its consistency. You can use a reusable filter once a previous filter is no more able to use.

One interesting feature of this carafe coffee maker is its thermal maintenance. You can keep your coffee hot and fresh without burning its base plate. If you are out of the station and want to enjoy a cup of coffee yourself, you can grab its k-cups filled with hot coffee.

Its cup size can fit in a normal cup holder like a cars cup holder without splashing out coffee. Its water reservoir can rotate in any direction from left to right or up and down and fit its cup holders flexibly. You can pour your coffee in between the set timer by turning off its shutter button with one touch.


  • Have a 12 cup thermal carafe.
  • Compatible k cup or reusable filters.
  • Constant brewing.


  • Can keep coffee hot for not more than 2-3 hours.

5- Cuisinart Premium Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker No-Pods:

Why experts suggest this premium quality coffee maker, its reasons are listed here. This one has a 72-ounce detachable water reservoir that eliminates the need for frequent refills, as well as a reusable filter that is cleverly hidden in a compartment on the machine’s right side. Its manufacturers found it simple to access and use, and it preheats quickly.

Of all the coffee machines designers checked, this model brewed the swiftest cup of coffee, in under one and a half minutes. It also brewed the hottest cup of coffee in the industry, at 172o F. Its body has a digital LED panel that shows how to use it and the level of water left. Its well-organized rinse clutter can clear out all dust particles from the brew and deliver a smooth flavor carafe.


  • Quickest machine.
  • Large water tank.
  • LED panel display.


  • Arrow buttons are insightful

6- AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker:

This plastic tube build Aeropress coffee maker has a filter at one end and the other end contains a removable diver. The device is installed over a cup, filter-side down, and filled with ground coffee and hot water, you will need a separate source of hot water to brew the coffee, like a kettle. The plunger is used to force the coffee into the cup.

The AeroPress is small and portable, trying to measure less than six inches tall and four inches in diameter. Furthermore, this was one of the few in our tests that did not involve the use of coffee pods. This item can fit in a zipper bag so you can grab it for traveling and outdoor events, its cleaning is a bit cinch.

Aeropress doesn’t need any brand-named filter paper you can insert any type of reusable filter for your convenience. If you want the best attesting quality coffee, you need to follow its instructions book before attempting to make coffee.


  • Compact size.
  • Easy to wipe.
  • Pod free.


  • Small water tank

7- Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker:

Moving forward to our discussion about the best single-serve coffee maker no-pods we are here with another top review-based product on this list. This brew maker uses a small size filter paper so its works without pods and or no more filters are required for its processing.

You can make a large travel cup of coffee because of its deep-water tank that can hold 14 ounces of brew. Most of the travel coffee mugs can splash while using but this item has an extra-base plat that keeps it safe for splattering.

For storage purposes, you can keep it safe in small spaces because of its elegant compact design. People mostly love the compact sizes that can be safe easily at your kitchen cabinets. You can call this item the best small single-serve coffee maker.


  • Compact size.
  • Pod free.
  • Free of splashing.


  • No automatic system.

8- Keurig K-Cup Special Single Serve Coffee Maker:

This coffee maker is best for those people who love milk frother texture coffee. Using regular K-cups this item can make not only cappuccino but also brew shots for lattes. Keuring special item is built with frother ability that can make both hot and cold brews according to your choice.

It contains a lid so that you can save extra father for further use, its parts are dishwasher safe and easy to operate. You can make brewing and frothing milk easily by operating its features. You can easily understand its instruction. No matter what size you choose you can make automatically a strong cup of coffee with just one touch that is quite an interesting feature of this product. What else do you want in the best single-serve coffee maker? Its manufacturers claim that you can use their item without any fear of losing quality.


  • Contains a built-in frother.
  • Can make regular cups of coffee.
  • Able to make a strong cup of coffee.


  • Universal reusable filters are not a part of its package.

9- NutriBullet Brew Choice Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker No-Pods:

If you are looking for a coffee maker that can work for both making single-serve or a full pot, you can go for this fabulous NutriBullet Coffee Maker that fulfills your needs. Nutribullet has just set to release their first single-serve coffee maker, which allows you to brew a cup or two or swap out the pod for a filter to make a full pot of coffee.

The single-serve capsule setting allows for 6, and 12-ounce sizes, and the carafe can brew more than 12 cups of coffee. You can use both of its functions side by side conveniently. You don’t need to swap between its single-pot and full-pot coffee categories. This brewer can be used for a regular cup of the carafe with an instant processing method. Water tank capacity is enough to make 12 ounces of carafe coffee.


  • Available in different variety of cup sizes.
  • Compact size.
  • Can be useful for single-serve and full pots.


  • The beverage may splash out while drinking.

10- Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker:

With two different water reservoirs you can make two kinds of brews one is a single brew and another one is a full pot. This combination is best for people who love to enjoy their coffee with their partner company who may have different tastes in coffee. This hamilton beach has an option to choose and make a regular or k-cup strong coffee.

Its manufacturers discovered that this coffee maker was simple to use and did not require the use of an instruction manual. The 40-ounce water reservoir, which eliminates the need for frequent refills, impressed us; the tank is also removable, making requisite refills a breeze. Its testers found the temperature of its freshly brewed coffee to be hot, but not piping hot, though it did have a fairly quick brew time.


  • By using ground coffee, it can make a single cup of brew.
  • Can make single or full pot coffee.
  • Reusable filter.


  • Its weight is heavy as compared to other competing products.


After discussing the best single-serve coffee maker no-pods of 2022 it is concluded that each product is available in the market with different high-quality features and some drawbacks too. You need to consider some important factors before going to buy the best product at home. After reading this article, you will know which coffee maker suits you well according to your requirements. All these top-notch items have different price ranges, but some cost products are not always reliable so don’t be get attracted to high price tags. Some of the items are multipurpose you can use them for both single serving and full cup serving. Continue reading, Happy Caffeine life!


  • Is there a coffee machine that doesn’t use pods?

    This budget-friendly Black + Decker single-serve coffee maker might be perfect for you if you don't mind foregoing the extras. Simply scoop the grounds into the paperless, removable filter basket, add the desired amount of water, and press the power button to make a single cup of coffee.

  • How do you use a coffee maker without a pod?

    Simply remove the pod from its package, set it in your mug, and pour hot water over it carefully.

  • Can I use the Nespresso machine without pods?

    To use a Nespresso machine, you must have capsules in allowing for the coffee to enter the machine. As a consequence, the most essential item you'll have to buy is reusable capsules.

  • Is there a Nespresso that doesn’t use pods?

    There were no products found. These reusable coffee pods are the only ones on our list that operate with the Vertuo Nespresso line of machines. When the Vertuo capsules need to spin rapidly when mixing coffee, they use a more sophisticated mechanism.