How to Reset Cuisinart Coffee Maker | Complete Guide 2022

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Cuisinart is one of the leading home and kitchen appliances manufacturing brands. Their coffee makers are exceptional in build quality, performance, and programmability. These machines not only give you the convenience of brewing your coffee in a hassle-free manner but also can give you the ultimate experience of brewing a delicious cup of coffee.

There is a wide range of coffee machines under Cuisinart with different features and price points. Cuisinart is very well aware of its customers’ needs and requirements. This is why the brand is striving to make and introduce new and advanced features in their coffee appliances. 

The durability and capability of serving coffee daily are the main attraction for customers all around the globe. 

As you know no machine is everlasting, so the same with Cuisinart. These machines also do experience problems from time to time.  This is the time when your coffee maker needs to reset. 

Resetting is not a hard task to do, you can easily do this without getting alarmed. You can easily reset your Cuisinart coffee maker by taking some simple steps, which we are going to discuss in our article. 

There are a lot of problems that can occur with your Cuisinart coffee makers, and their solutions can be found in the Cuisinart coffee maker user’s manual.  Below we’re gonna discuss how to solve these problems and reset the coffee makers.

How to Reset Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Light?

clean light on cuisinart coffee machine

The clean light comes on when your coffee maker needs to be cleaned, and it requires resetting sooner than you think. You should clean your coffee maker to prevent any issues with your machine. 

The light stays on until you clean your coffee machine according to the manufacturer’s manual and guidelines. This is quite a simple and easy process and is the first line of action toward resetting Cuisinart coffee makers.

But what if the clean light stays on even after cleaning the machine? This is quite a regular thing. To reset it press down both the 8 oz and the 6oz buttons to dispense all the water from the reservoir. Do not forget to keep a mug beneath, so water will not drip on the coffee maker. The light will go off if you press the buttons simultaneously. Wipe down the water from the machine. Always dry your coffee maker completely after every use. 

But if this method does not work, simply unplug your machine and let it stay for about 15 to 45  minutes. This process will reboot the microprocessor to its default settings.

How to reset the Cuisinart coffee maker after Cleaning?

As mentioned above, clean light indicates that coffee makers need to be cleaned. Every coffee maker needs internal and external cleaning from time to time. This will keep your coffee maker long-lasting and functioning in the best possible ways. 

To clean the coffee maker use vinegar and water solution and fill it in the reservoir. Start the brew cycle so the vinegar solution goes through inside the carafe. This process will clean up all the clogging because of calcium buildup.  

Make sure to remove the charcoal filter during this cleaning process because this can not tolerate vinegar.

When the brew cycle is completed, let the solution stay in the machine. After 30 to 60 minutes, discard this vinegar and water mixture. Now run the clean water 2 to 3 times through the machine until the taste and smell of the vinegar are gone. Then wipe down outside of the machine and dry it completely. 

After cleaning, put the carafe into the coffee maker and plug the machine in. your Cuisinart coffee maker will return to its original settings. You will notice that the flashing clean light will disappear when it resets.

How to Reset Clock/Timer on Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Many Cuisinart coffee makers come up with an LCD that shows you the time. This clock does not only help you to show time, but it also allows you to brew your coffee at an exact time before you wake up in the morning. 

Sometimes the clock fails and got a problem showing the time. 1st of all check that your machine is functioning. Now turn the knob into the function knob.  Press and hold the hour and minutes buttons, so the clock will automatically start flashing. To set the time, scroll the hours or minutes button to access the numbers of your desired time. 

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How to reset Cuisinart Keurig Coffee maker?

As we already mentioned, the Cuisinart Keurig Single-serve coffee makers are also very smart and convenient coffee appliances. But sometimes these coffee makers are having problems. We can fix these problems easily while staying at home.

Sometimes Cuisinart single-serve coffee makers just need a reboot. For this just unplug your machine and let it rest for  2 to 3 minutes and replug it. If this does not work follow these steps to reset your single-serve coffee machine.

  1. Take out the brewer and turn it off
  2. Remove the water reservoir
  3. Make sure that your machine is plugged in and powered on
  4. Reattach the water reservoir
  5. Hold the K Cup holder to open and close

If all steps also fail and your brewer is still not working properly then try to descale your coffee maker. Press the button for 6 seconds. Then double click the hot water and rinse buttons simultaneously. Keep brewing with hot water until the entire chamber is empty. Just ensure that there will be no K cup inserted into the coffee maker. 

You will notice, that at the end of the brew the descale message will disappear. Let the machine unplug for 30 to 60 minutes after descaling it.

How do I Reset My Cuisinart Coffee Maker with Grinder?

We all know that a coffee grinder’s job is to break down the whole coffee beans into small particles. These particles are sometimes stuck in the upper and lower burrs. Coffee grinders can be jammed because of the natural oils and sticky substance of the coffee beans. It affects the burrs, hopper, and chamber. But especially burrs are affected the most because beans are grounds in it. 

To rest the grinder clean the burrs manually. 1st of all do not forget to unplug the machine and then take off the top set of burrs. When burrs are free from the machine simply wipe away the coffee particles with a dry cloth or a brush. Now adjust the burrs again in the machine and let it rest for a while before grinding another batch of the coffee. 


I have tried to shed the light on all possible problems with Cuisinart coffee makers and the ways of resetting. From now you will be free to worry about how to reset your coffee makers without going to a repairing center. You can use all the above-mentioned methods to reset your coffee machine to its usual state. 

I hope you will find this article helpful in using your coffee machine and you can have your cup of happiness without any worries about settings and problems. 


  • Why did my Cuisinart coffee maker stop working?

    When you are not cleaning your coffee makers regularly and thoroughly, the machine will have clogged and stops working. 

  • How do I get the descale light off?

    Press and hold down the 8 oz and 10 oz buttons together for 3 seconds and the descale indicator light will be turned off.

  • Does Cuisinart Keurig Coffee makers have a rest button?

    Usually, Keurig machines have no reset buttons. You have to use that old trick of Unplugging and resting the machine for some time to reset it.