Keurig Coffee Maker Problems & Solutions | 2022

Keurig coffee maker problems

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As we all know making coffee in a Keuring coffee maker is always a breeze. Because of its convenience, most coffee lovers are using this coffee machine in their homes and offices. This is a great way to ensure that you can get your cup of joe every morning with simplicity and speed.

Apart from the convenience and simplicity of the Keurig sometimes this machine also faces problems and needs to fix. If you know about some common problems with Keurig coffee makers, you can easily fix all of them without going to the repair centers.

 In this article, I am gonna discuss all those problems that commonly occur in almost all models of Keurig Coffee makers. Just follow this guide for a complete knowledge of Keurig coffee makers’ problems and ways of fixing all issues while staying at home.

Let us dig into some problems and then will find their solutions.

Keurig, not brewing water:

Brewing is the main task for which the Keurig is made.  If your Keurig is not brewing the coffee cup properly, like the brewer sometimes it is not brewing the full cup. In that case you have to troubleshoot this problem as soon as possible. The reason that is hindered in the brewing process might be calcium build-up in the machine.

For this we have a tip for you, just make a mixture of water and vinegar and run it through your brewer. It will quickly clean up all the clogging from your machine. Then wash off the unit completely with clean tap water. Then your brewer is ready to brew your java.

Air Bubbles:

This might be another reason for which Keurig is not brewing. When air bubbles are in the waterline or water tank. To fix this problem simply unplug the machine and empty the reservoir. Then hold the reservoir from up side down and hit on the one side. This is how you can get rid of the air bubbles and your machine will start brewing.

Parts are not properly placed:

Sometimes Keurig does not brew because of some components of the machine are not placed properly. If your Keurig is not brewing properly, quickly check that all parts are sitting in there right place. Most of times the magnetic water reservoir lose its alignment. So always check it before brewing your coffee.

Keurig Coffee Maker Leaking from Bottom:

If your Keurig coffee maker is leaking from the bottom then it might possible that the water reservoir has been cracked from somewhere. In that situation you have to go with the new replacement water reservoir. Replacement reservoirs are available from the Keurig Service Centers.

Some times the silicon gasket seal that joins the reservoir, can be also damaged and causes the leakage. Because the seal wears out with the time. So to prevent this seal just keep on greasing this seal.

Grounds in Cup:

This is one of the major Keurig single cup coffee maker’s problems. It always makes you sad when you brew your coffee with a great anticipation. But as you taka a sip, its just a solid bitter taste of grinds of coffee in your mug.

This happens because of the clogging of exit needle. This blocks the water from clearing area after each brew. This occurs mostly with teas and cafe escapes.

You can easily solve this problem by cleaning the exit needle with a paper have to straighten one end of this.  Simply lift the handle of the brew basket and put the straightened end of the paper clip into the needle and then gently move it around to clear all the debris.

If the problem persists just descale your coffee maker with a descaling solutions available in the market. After following these tips you can now able to enjoy your delicious cuppa joe.

Keurig is not Heating:

When your Keurig is not heating properly it might be due to water pump is not working accordingly. Another reason will be the heating mechanism also sometimes malfunctioning. For fixing this you have to descale your coffee maker. Otherwise you can just hold on the brew button for 5 seconds it will reset your Keurig. As a result, machine will clear the errors and began to heat up your water again.

Keurig won’t turn on after Cleaning:

If Keurig machine is not turn on 1st of all check your machine is plugged in properly. Then make sure that the power button is turned on.  Keurig machines are stuck sometimes and require a cleaning or descaling process.

But what if the problem remains and your Keurig is not powering on even  after descaling your? In this situation you have to reset your Keurig coffee maker. Follow these steps to reset your Keurig:

  1. Unplug the machine
  2. Check all parts are rightly placed
  3. Plug the machine back into the socket
  4. Press and hold the power button for some seconds
  5. A welcome note will appear on the screen, if there is no major issue.

And thus your Keurig brewer is fully reset and ready to brew your cup of happiness again.

Keurig Coffee maker all lights flashing:

This is another common problem that your keurig is facing of and on. So if add water light, heat light, and cup size lights are flashing simultaneously. There is a possibility that problem might be in charcoal filter or in needle.

For trouble shooting this check your cold water reservoir is on the right position. If it is not then remove and reinstall the cold water reservoir. Then brew the 6oz and 8oz with simple water in a mug. If the machine brews your desired amount then it is ready to use.

But if the brewer does not brew the required amount and lights are blinking again then remove the water filter. Now start brewing without any pod. Just with water in a mug.

And if the problem persits yet, then just reset your keurig by pressing 6oz,8oz and power buttons and hold them all for 5 seconds. It will definitely works for solving your problem.

Keurig Dispensing too much water:

Among all the major issues, one common issue is Keurig is dispensing too much water and even after completing brew, it is dispensing unnecessary water, as a result of this, a big mess will be created in your kitchen.

The reason behind this extra flow might be the wrong allignment of the water reservoir. To fix this just make sure that your reservoir is attached and aligned properly.

Keurig is overflowing when you overfilled your reservoir. If your brewer is pumping out water more than the required amount while brewing. Make sure that your water tank is filled according to the recommended level and the is only inside the tank.

Clogging also could cause the overflow of the water while brewing. In this case you have to clean out your Keurig unit and unlodge the exit needle.

Keurig Display not Working:

If the screen of your Keurig is not displaying any thing and is getting blank. This problem is not really much you do to this. To fix this simply unplug your Keurig coffee machine and wait for a while. Then plug the brewer back in the socket and power it on. It will help you in fixing the problem.

Another reason of blank display can be broken screen. In this situation the only solution is to replace the touch screen. Keep in mind for replacing the display just go to the Keurig customer service.


Keurig single serve coffee maker are among the best coffee appliances around the globe. No one can deny the effectiveness of these coffee machines. Most coffee aficionados love to have these machines in their kitchens and offices. Because of the convenience and efficiency of the Keurig. If you want a quick and delicious cup of java, just go with these machines.

But apart of all the benefits these machines also malfunctioning off and on. As u know these are machines and machines can be stop working and facing some problems. This is a complete guide that can be helpful to your for understanding the Keurig single seve problems. In this article I tried to explore all the common issues and methods of fixing these problems.

I hope you will find some easy troubleshooting and can resolve the issues by following these steps.


  • Where is the reset button on my Keurig?

    Keurig has no reset button. To reet your keurig just simply unplug and replug your brewer and press and hold the 6oz and 8oz button along with the power for 5 seconds. It will reset your brewer.

  • Is there a life time guarantee on Keurig?

    No, Keurig does not offer a life time guarantee for coffee makers.

  • What happens if you do not change Keurig filter?

    If you do not change Keurig filter, the water will become dirtier and less clean over time. That will results in a bad coffee cup.