How to Reset Keurig Coffee Maker?

how to reset keurig

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Keurig coffee makers are the most kitchen-friendly appliance. This is an incredibly convenient and fast single-serve coffee brewer. The coffee maker suits almost every person’s needs in the family and is also best for use in an office. Because there are mostly busy workers that need a quick and tastier cup of java to energize them for the whole day.

Apart from the convenience and usage, this machine sometimes malfunctioned. At that time all its benefits and convenience go right away from the borders.

At this time you have to reset Keurig to get back your fresh and flavorful cup of espresso. This is a complete guide that will show you how to reset Keurig simply and efficiently whatever model you have.

Why Reset Keurig Coffee makers?

Restarting your coffee maker is always safe whenever it is malfunctioning and creates problems in brewing your coffee. The main problems are:

  1. Keurig won’t turn on
  2. Leaking water
  3. All lights are on simultaneously
  4. A coffee maker is not heating
  5. Does not dispense water
  6. The machine is not brewing
  7. Making a strange noise
  8. Nothing is showing on the touchscreen

Before fixing the problems with your Keurig, you should read the manual. But the primary option is resetting for a quick solution.

How to Reset a Keurig?

Every Keurig model resets differently. But if your coffee maker does not have any significant issues, it could be restarted. To restart  it you have to:

  • Unplug your brewer
  • Check the parts of the machine are properly attached
  • Then plug in the machine
  • Press and hold the power button for some seconds
  • If there is no major issue, a welcome note will appear on your Keurig

How to Reset Keurig 2.0?

keurig 2.0

If you are using Keurig 2.0 for brewing your coffee, you will definitely know that it has the most complicated computers and displays. This is why this machine could be very difficult to reset. A quick way to reset this machine is to descale it. For descaling your Keurig 2.0 , you can use vinegar and water solution followed by some water cycles. Consequently, this solution will clean the coffee machine thoroughly if there is any clogging or debris in the machine. You can reset it after descaling.

 Following are the steps for resetting your Keurig 2.0

1.    Check your settings:

This problem commonly occurs with the Keurig which has a digital display. You can reset any settings that do not look right.

2.    Get rid of air bubbles:

Sometimes coffee makers have air bubbles in the tube that are disrupting the water flow. For fixing the problem, just turn it off and unplug the brewer. Then remove the water reservoir and hold it upside-down over a sink and hit it firmly on one side. This will help in removing the air bubbles.

3.    Reset the display:

If the coffee maker’s display is getting blank you have to immediately rest it by unplugging it. Wait for a while and plug it back. Turn on the machine and open the menu. Now set the clock and adjust your preferred setting

This is how your Keurig 2.0 is fully reset and is ready to brew your favorite beverage.

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How to reset K Supreme?


If your Keurig Supreme stops working and does not dispense the water it needs to be reset. So just hold the brewer button and 12oz button for 5 seconds. Hold the buttons until water starts dispensing. After releasing the water you should wait for some time for purifying the water and then start to brew your normal cup of coffee.

Resetting Keurig Mini:

keurig mini coffee maker

Resetting the Keurig mini is a very easy and fast procedure. 1st of all open the k cup lever and then close it tightly. Now press the power button and when the machine gets off, unplug the brewer. Remove the reservoir.  Then attach it again and plug the machine back and turn it on.

Keurig K duo resetting:

keurig k duo coffee maker

To reset the K duo all you need to do is just press the power button and 80z and 10 oz simultaneously. Hold on to all 3 for 5 seconds. As a result, your K duo is reset and ready to brew your favorite beverage.

Reset the descale light on Keurig:

Descale light is a common feature in most Keurig coffee makers. This light is an indicator of cleaning the machine. This light turns on when the coffee maker is clogged due to the collection of calcium, and dirt in the inner parts of the machine. There is another situation in which this indicator comes on when your refillable K cup is packed too tightly and it can restrict the water flow inside the coffee maker. This will lead to descaling the coffee machines.

To reset the descale light you have to clean and descale your brewer. Follow these simple steps for descaling your Keurig:

  1. Turn off your brewer
  2. Remove the pods and empty the K cup holder
  3. Empty the water reservoir
  4. Fill the reservoir with vinegar and water solution or you can use any premade descale solution
  5. Turn on the machine and run the brew cycle
  6. Let the Keurig stays on for the next 4 hours
  7. After 4 hours throw it in the sink and refill the reservoir with clean tap water
  8. Brew the clear water and repeat the brew cycle until the taste and smell of the vinegar are gone.

Once you completed your descaling just press and hold on the 80z and 10 oz buttons together for 3 to 5 seconds. As a result, the descale light will be turned off.


Keurig coffee brewers are the most convenient and fast machines that can brew your cup of happiness very quickly. These single-serve coffee makers are the most commonly used kitchen appliances around the globe. But sometimes these machines also face problems in brewing coffee. At this time resetting Keurig coffee makers is necessary. This article will help you to find out the ways to reset your machines. The simplest way of resetting Keurig is simply unplugging the machine for an hour or more. This method often works. But if the problem persists, it’s time to descale the brewer. Cleaning may help you in fixing the issue.


  • Is there a reset button on a Keurig?

    No, there is no reset button on the Keurig. However, unplugging or descaling is the best way to reset it.

  • What happens if your Keurig stops working?

    Keurig stops working because calcium from hard water and coffee grounds may clog the water line.

  • How long should a Keurig machine last?

    In approximately 3 to 5 years a Keurig can serve you. But some Keurig models are compatible with certain types of K cups or capsules. If the manufacturer of those K cups stops making those, the Keurig machine will become useless.

  • What does red flashing light mean on a Keurig?

    The brew button flashes red under normal operation because when your brewer is heating it will turn solid red during the brew.