How to Make Keurig Hot Chocolate Taste Better

Make Keurig Hot Chocolate Taste Better

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Hot chocolate is a delicious beverage to feel cozy on a cool and chilled winter morning. If you are a chocolate lover, this drink will lift up your spirits at the end of a strenuous day. And even if you are tired of your regular coffee, hot chocolate is a kind of beverage to give you a breakthrough. 

As you know, Keurig coffee makers are the most popular coffee appliances in the coffee market. Because of their compact size and unrivaled convenience, these machines became almost every kitchen’s best friend. 

But this machine is infamous for making hot chocolate not as great as it makes the coffee. In this article, I am gonna share with you the secrets of making your hot chocolate tastier and better. Keep reading to learn how to make and improve Keurig hot chocolate taste and quality. 

How to Make Hot Chocolate in Keurig?

Making hot chocolate in Keurig is not so different than brewing a regular coffee with coffee pods. Just need a little extra care while cleaning up the coffee maker.

You Need: 

  1. Hot chocolate K cup pods from your favorite brand
  2. Water
  3. Regular size coffee mug
  4. Milk or cream(optional)
  5. In case of using a refillable K cup, you can use any hot chocolate powder according to your choice.


  1. Turn on your Keurig
  2. Insert the hot chocolate K cup into the holder
  3. Close the lid tightly. Do not forget to puncture your pod while inserting it into the Keurig
  4. If you have a Keurig that has a Hot chocolate setting, you can make your drink by using it. You just have to press the “Hot Cocoa” button on your screen. It will tell Keurig to make a  chocolate drink. Or if you are using a model that does not have this option, just use a strong button for a stronger chocolaty flavor. 
  5. Now brew as a normal pod of coffee by pressing the “Brew” or “K Shot” button on your Keurig. 
  6. When the machine finishes the brew and stops the dripping, remove the mug. 
  7. Now you can add milk, cream, or any flavors you want to add.

Just keep in mind that do not ever pour the milk into the Keurig directly because this machine is not made for this. It has only the capacity of brewing with water. Otherwise, milk will damage the parts of the machine.

How Do We Make Hot Chocolate in K Elite?

keurig k elite coffee maker

Keurig Elite is a coffee maker that comes with hot chocolate settings. You can not only make your regular coffee in this but can also make iced coffee and other beverages you like to drink. 

K Elite can brew all kinds of coffee pods including tea and cocoa.  But one thing I strongly recommend is that you clean the brewer with running water right after brewing the powdered beverage. Because it will cause clogging in the machine.

How could we make hot chocolate taste better?

As you know, making hot chocolate is relatively easy, but the hard thing is to make the K cup hot chocolate taste better. Sometimes when you make this drink it tastes like water and is weak.

To make the best tasting hot chocolate, here are some tips for you to follow:

Thickens it:

To create a good and flavorful cup of hot chocolate just use a slurry solution to make it thick. This will make the taste much better and stops the hot chocolate from being watery. You can also use whipped cream for this purpose. This addition makes the delicious chocolate drink more appealing. It will also enhance the flavors and give a smooth texture to your favorite beverage.

Spice it up:

If you love to drink this chocolate drink daily, you might be tired of having the same flavor every day. You can spice it up by adding some marshmallows for a flavorful experience. You can also use cinnamon powder, nuts, espresso, and mint. All these things for sure give you different flavors and improve any drink. 

For more flavors, you can change the flavors of your K cup pods. There is a wide range of flavors from the different brands in the market.


If you have children in your family, they mostly love hot chocolate. You can make their chocolate drink more attractive with different toppings. As we mentioned above, whipped cream is an easy solution, you can use this as a topping. You will also try colorful sprinkles and some chocolate chips.


We can not deny that a froth brings an ultimate experience to the drink. Frothing the milk is very easy, just add a small amount of milk to a bottle and shake the bottle until it reaches the desired texture. Then place it on the top of your cup. It will also help you to get a better taste.

Best Keurig Hot Chocolate:

best hot chocolate with keurig

While you are using the Keurig machine, pods are the most important thing to consider whether you are making a regular coffee or a steaming cup of hot chocolate. You need pods that will help you in getting a better result. There are a variety of brands offering different flavors of hot chocolate. You can use your favorite one or can use a variety pack to try a different flavor daily. 

Best hot chocolate Keurig pods include Starbucks hot chocolate, The Two Rivers hot chocolate sampler pods, the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, and the Groove Square Hot chocolate milk K cups

To Wrap Up:

You have a lot of options to try while using the Keurig coffee makers. You can not only brew your drip coffee but also make iced coffee and hot chocolate in Keurig. Some folks are asking if Keurig hot chocolate is good? The answer is that K cups produce a great cup of hot chocolate because they are made with real milk and imported cocoa powder. They can give you health benefits for a lower level of caffeine and sugar content. 

If you are making your cocoa milk but do not get the desired flavors. This article will help you in making a testier cup of hot chocolate next time. 


  • Can a Keurig K mini make Hot chocolate?

    Yes, the K mini plus can brew any K cup including tea and cocoa. 

  • How much caffeine is in a hot chocolate K Cup?

    A standard k cup has an average of 5 mg of caffeine content.

  • Can you make Iced hot chocolate in Keurig?

    Yes, making an iced chocolate drink with the Keurig coffee maker is a breeze.