How to Make Espresso with Keurig Coffee Maker

How to Make Espresso with Keurig

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Keurig coffee technology helps you to make several beverages at home. It can give you the convenience of brewing a single cup serving that can suit everyone’s needs. 

These machines are commonly used in offices because the busy workers need hot and fast delivered coffee with an excellent taste and aroma. This cup of java makes them energetic during a hectic workload. The Keurig is not only easy to use but a very reliable and low-maintenance coffee maker

Espresso is made using high-pressure water and ground coffee. This is a brewing method that can extract flavors and aromas from finely ground coffee with water pressure. 

If you are a simple black coffee lover then the Keurig coffee machine is sufficient to meet up your coffee cravings. But what if you want to have a strong Espresso?

Can I Make Espresso in Keurig?

Many people used to ask this question, and the answer is Keurig does not make an exact Espresso because most of the Keurig machines are designed to brew only regular coffee. To make an excellent Espresso shot you need an Espresso machine. These machines combine hot water and high pressure and Keurig machines do not use pressure. However, Keurig Espresso K cups make delicious cups of strong coffee.

Keurig Espresso Maker:

keurig espresso machine

 Keurig also offers an Espresso machine that is called Keurig Rivo. This machine gives you an opportunity to make Espresso at home. Rivo is known for its powerful pressure pumps that can produce a divine-looking espresso shot. You can also make different drinks like Cappuccinos or Lattes with this coffee machine because it can steam or froth milk for your favorite beverages. 

It has 15 bar pressure pumps that can extract the flavors and aromas from the ground coffee.

Espresso K Cups:

There are plenty of K cups available in the market for Keurig machines. For a mimics cup of Espresso, you have to use dark roast coffee K cups. Because dark and strong K cups work well and give you a delicious Espresso shot. One of the best Espresso K cups is the Starbucks Espresso Keurig Pods. These pods result in a better-tasting and rich aromatic Espresso Shot.

How to make Espresso in your Keurig Step by Step Guide:

When you choose the right k cup for brewing Espresso or you can use the reusable K cup that is compatible with your Keurig coffee machine. Use the dark and finely ground coffee beans for an excellent espresso. If you have all your ingredients, you are now ready to make your Espresso. Just follow these steps:

1.Fill the Keurig with Water:

Pour fresh and clean water into your Keurig if you want a tastier coffee you should use filtered water. Then heat it to 200 Fahrenheit degrees to extract the rich flavors from the coffee grounds. Another question raised here is how much water to use with K Cups? So the answer is to use the 1:2  brew ratio which means for every six ounces of water, you will have to use around 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. 

2.Add to the portafilter and Tamp down:

Add the finely ground coffee to the portafilter and tamp the lid. It will push the ground coffee so you can easily tighten the lid. Keep in mind that there will be no air in the K cup. Finely ground coffee eliminates the air spaces so the water can easily extract all the oils and flavors from the coffee.  

3.Put the K Cup in the Holder:

Lift the handle to release the cup holder. The K cup will slide into the cup pack holder. Put the cup in your Keurig and bring the handle down over the holder. Then choose the smallest cup size from the size buttons. 

4.Place a cup under the brew head and press the brew button:

Add a cup beneath the brew head and switch the brew button on. After starting the machine, set the timer for 25 to 35 seconds. And let the machine do its magic. Remember there will be cream to come out. 

5.Serve and Enjoy:

If you want to enjoy and feel like espresso, pour this beverage into an Espresso cup. You won’t have a lot of crema but still, you will enjoy a delicious and strongly caffeinated small cup of coffee

How to make Espresso with Keurig Mini?

Keurig mini coffee maker

Keurig mini is the updated and slimmer version of Keurig K 15. It operates with the same brewing methods. If you want to make an espresso shot with this small gadget you have to go with all the above-mentioned steps. The only difference is with the water reservoir which has a capacity of 6 to 12 oz of water. You will pour only 6 oz of water which is an ideal amount for serving an espresso shot. 


If you are a hardcore espresso lover but a Keurig user and want to make espresso at home. This article will help and guide you on how to make Espresso in Keurig. As you know very well that Keurig coffee machines are designed to brew only drip coffee or a simple black coffee. This machine will not give you the exact Espresso shot, but with Espresso K cups you can have an Espresso like coffee experience. Just use some of the best dark roast Espresso K cups and Keurig Rivo. Keurig Rivo is designed with 15 bar pressure to make a concentrated extraction of water pressure and coffee ground. 

Espresso is made with finely ground coffee because it has more capacity to extract flavors and aromas. You can also use Keurig mini to make an ideal serving size of Espresso. 

Just add the water to Reservoir. Then brew your favorite Espresso. Now pull the espresso for 25 to 35 seconds. And your favorite beverage is here. Have fun by drinking this like a pro.


  • What is the best roast for making Espresso?

    Italian Baristas and Coffee Purist suggest that a medium to dark brown roast is best for Espresso.

  • Can you use a French Roast for making Espresso?

    Yes, you can use the French roast because this is traditionally a dark roast, which is ideal for Espresso. 

  • How much liquid is in a shot of Espresso?

    In a single shot of Espresso, there will be approximately seven to nine grams of coffee ground and produces one fluid ounce.