Cuisinart Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Guide – Fix All Issues

guide for solving cuisinart coffee maker issues

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If you a coffee lover, you definitely know the importance of coffee machines. The coffee makers became one of the must have kitchen appliances. They are considered as the best friend of your kitchen.  Because almost every adult loves coffee pretty much and considered it as indispensable drink throughout the day. 

Cuisinart is one of the leading and well known brands of kitchen ware and home appliances. Especially their coffee makers gain high attention and expectations from the customers. 

Their coffee makers are considered as the most convenient machines in the coffee world. The range of coffee makers from Cuisinart have some amazing specifications to stand out and provide the best performance. 

These coffee machines are fully programmable so you can get your coffee ready on time every morning. The durability and capability of serving coffee daily have gradually built trust over many years. People tend to choose Cuisinart because of its new and unique features that make them customer’s choice coffee making machines. 

Despite of all these things keep in mind that these are machines and no machine is everlasting. They might have some issues and need maintenance also. 

Cuisinart coffee makers also experience some problems that require fixing. There are some common issues that are faced by these coffee makers. 

You can fix Cuisinart coffee makers easily at home without spending a lot of money on extra service charges. 

If you own a Cuisinart coffee maker then this article will help you about troubleshooting your Cuisinart coffee pot and guide you how to tackle all those problems.

Cuisinart Coffee Makers' Problems and Solutions:

1- Cuisinart Coffee maker Not Brewing:

This is a major issue you can face while using the coffee machines. Brewing is the primary function of a coffee maker. This problem commonly occurs because of clogging that happens if you do not clean the coffee maker regularly and thoroughly. It could also be because of the lack of enough water in the reservoir.


Clean the coffee maker thoroughly by using water and vinegar solution once a month to prevent clogging. You can also put baking soda, lemon juice, or bleach in the water reservoir and then run the brew cycle. It will clean all the yeasts, molds, and coffee grounds that can be left while brewing. Regular cleaning will improve the quality of the machine and enhance its life span as well as keep the brew cycle very smooth. 

Check the water reservoir if there is a lack of water. The machine won’t brew the coffee properly. Fill the water tank with enough water for the coffee grounds loaded in the coffee maker. 

But if the water is enough but the machine is still creating problems then open the bottom of the machine and check it to ensure that all the heating elements are well connected. 

2- Troubleshooting Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn On?

It is also a common problem that occurs in coffee makers. Before starting any troubleshooting on a coffee maker that won’t turn on.  Turn off the machine to stay safe. 

This is something that everyone faces once in a while. This happens sometimes because of a loose connection between the power plug and wall socket. 

Check your power outlet if it works properly. To check that plug in or any other small appliance to that power outlet just to see that it is working or not?

After checking all those things your Cuisinart Coffee maker still does not power on, it will probably have an issue with the power cord. If the power cord is damaged from somewhere the machine does not turn on. This damage can be visible or invisible.


First of all plug in your coffee maker properly with a tight grip. If it is plugged in accordingly then check your power cord. In the case of power code damage, just replace your power cord or try this at some other appliances that use the same cord. 

If another appliance works, this means the cord is working, but the problem comes from inside the circuit board of your coffee maker. 

In this case, you need an expert to repair your Cuisinart coffee machine. Just go to your nearest Cuisinart service center. 

3- Cuisinart Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Overflow:

This is another problem that occurs for various reasons like clogging, wrong filter size, overfilling of the water reservoir and coffee beans and damaged water tank, etc. 

A dirty brew basket is a big reason for coffee overflowing. To prevent this you just need to clean the brew basket and the outer plastic after every use.

Not using the right size coffee filter is a big culprit for the coffee overflowing from the coffee maker. If you notice that the filter is not correctly sticking to the sidewalls, it is because of not using the correct size of the coffee filter. 

Excess coffee grounds, beans, and water can also create problems of overflow in the coffee machine. If the water reservoir is filled over the limit mentioned in the Cuisinart manual, the coffee maker is bound to overflow. 


If you want to prevent your coffee maker from overflowing, try to clean the brew basket and outer plastic every time after brewing your cup of joy. It will prevent the basket from clogging. 

If the coffee maker is still overflowing, check the filter size. Remember that Cuisinart needs a specific  Cuisinart Gold Tone coffee filter that can be used in all machines of this brand. But if you use filters from any other brands it can cause problems for your Cuisinart coffee maker.

As we mentioned above, excess coffee grounds and beans can cause overflow as well. The Cuisinart coffee maker manual specified to only use 14 tablespoons of coffee beans and grounds in the machine. So water can easily pass through and you will have a perfect cup of your favorite beverage. 

Another thing that you have to consider is not to take the carafe out of the machine for more than 20 seconds. As per Cuisinart guidelines if you do not put the carafe within 20 seconds, it will cause problems for the machine. So make it your habit to put carafe back as soon as possible.

4- Cuisinart Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Self Clean:

Cuisinart coffee makers are famous for their advanced and unique features including pre-programmed brewing time, a Gold Tone water filter to improve the quality of water, and a self cleaning feature. 

Sometimes due to jamming problems the machine is unable to do its self cleaning function. In such cases you need to troubleshoot the problem by yourself.


Before starting troubleshooting of your Cuisinart coffee maker self cleaning problem just unplug your machine to cool down the water inside. For this just wait for 10 minutes before opening the lid, now open the cover of the coffee maker and check the filter. If the filter is clogged or inappropriate water can not be drained out in the coffee pot. 

You should take out the whole filter basket and wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water. You can also wash the filter basket in the dishwasher for your ease. 

Before putting back, dry out the basket completely with a damp cloth to ensure that it is dried out completely. Do all these steps to carafe and lid also.Just make it sure that you will not use any concentrated cleaner for any part of the Cuisinart coffee makers.

5- Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker Troubleshooting:

Cuisinart grind and brew coffee makers are popular among the coffee aficionados because it comes with a coffee grinder that can grind your coffee beans just before you brew your coffee. So you can enjoy a fresh and better tasting cup of java every time.

These grind and brew coffee makers have the capacity of brewing 12 cups of coffee and have a convenience of laghe carafe so you can brew coffee for your whole family in less time.

Sometimes the Cuisinart 12 cup coffee makers run into some problems, but you can fix  this problem through troubleshooting. 

If there is a problem with the coffee grinder you can not get a fresh cup of joy and  can not start your day in the best possible way. 

 In case the grinder is not working properly, check that the coffee beans are compatible with your coffee makers. sometimes beans are stuck in the blades, the coffee grinder also won’t work. Another problem can be with this 12 cup grind and brew coffee maker that the blades can be worn out and old and need to be replaced.


Make it sure that the beans you are using are compatible with your coffee maker. I  strongly recommend to use only roasted coffee beans in your grind and brew 12 coffee machines. Unroasted coffee beans can adversely affect the grinder’s blades. 

Sometimes beans are stuck to the blades. In that case just look under the blades of the grinder and clean out the stuck beans if there is any. Your grinder will start work after cleaning. 

If the problem persists and the blade won’t start working, there are strong chances that the blades get older. Then you need to replace the blades. These blades are easily available on Amazon and from the Cuisinart Service centers.

6- Cuisinart One Cup Coffee Maker Troubleshooting:

Cuisinart Single serve Keurig coffee maker is a nice little machine that can give you an amazingly fresh and great tasting cup of java very quickly.  but this coffee machine also sometimes creates problems as other machines because no machine is faultless.

These coffee makers may also malfunction from time to time and you have to troubleshoot and fix its problems. 

This coffee machine also has a problem of not brewing just like other coffee machines. The cause will be from clogging of piercing needle and exit needles to improper filing of water or may it be not plugged in properly. 

Many people complain that their coffee from Cuisinart coffee maker suddenly tastes like chlorine or burnt plastic. It may be due to water quality or because of the low-quality K Cup capsules. 

If Cuisinart single serve coffee makers began to brew half cups of coffee, the reason behind  this may build up scale and calcium deposits in the brewing chamber or clogged of piercing needles.


When you start troubleshooting your single serve keurig coffee maker that won’t brew the coffee just turn off or unplug your brewer for 30 seconds. After waiting for 30 seconds, re-plug the brewer and turn its power on. 

If the “add water” illuminates, check the water reservoir and fill it properly with11 ounces of water as prescribed in the manual. 

Also close the brew head tightly.  If it again creates a problem then clear the piecing and exit needle with a paperclip. 

To clean the exit needle, remove the capsule holder and funnel and insert a paperclip in the needle and loosen the clog by putting it out. You can also clean the piercing needle in the brew chamber with the paper clip just like the above mentioned way. 

If you feel that your coffee suddenly tastes bad and has chlorine or plastic aftertaste it may be because of water quality. Try to use filtered or bottled water. Another option is to replace your Cuisinart charcoal filter. 


If you want a decent, fresh and strong cup of coffee then Cuisinart coffee makers are surely your preferred coffee machines that are convenient and popular among coffeeholics. These machines have the highest quality workability.

Being a coffee lover you should be able to troubleshoot and fix all the problems that your Cuisinart coffee maker is facing from time to time. It is not necessary to rush to the service centers to repair your coffee appliances. 

You can solve these little issues of your Cuisinart coffee makers by yourself and save your energy and money also. 

In this article I tried to list all common problems that a Coffee machine is usually facing with the solutions. I hope you will find this article helpful in troubleshooting your coffer machines. 


  • What is the best way to clean a Cuisinart coffee maker?

    Always clean the carafe and water reservoir with a mixture of Vinegar and water.  Vinegar is a natural cleaner that can kill all the yeasts, molds, and bacteria from the coffee makers.

  • Explain the method of resetting cuisinart coffee maker?

    Press both the 8 oz and 6oz buttons to dispense water, just keep a cup beneath it to prevent dripping on the coffee maker. Just try to press all buttons simultaneously, and clean light will go off.

  • How do I turn my Cuisinart coffee maker on Auto?

    Turn the function knob to PROG, the Auto on LED will flash. Set the time you want your coffee will start brewing. After completing turn the knob  to Auto on and flip the switch to On and release.