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best travel mug for coffee

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For a coffee lover who wants to start up the day with a cup of coffee, a coffee mug is a great necessity for their life. There are a lot of coffee mugs that are disposable available in the market but they are not long-lasting and unable to maintain the fresh taste of coffee. In this review discussion, you will read about the best travel mugs for coffee that are reliable and not disposable. They are high-quality products and reusable for every drink either cold coffee or hot coffee.

No one wants a tasteless coffee when they are out of their home, they will manage and buy a vacuum insulated coffee mug that will maintain the temperature of cold or hot coffee. But before going to purchase any product you have to be well aware of its features, quality and price range so that you can choose which one is suitable according to your taste. Let’s have a look at why these travel mugs are important for a coffee lover and how to find the best travel mug for yourself. 

What is the Best Travel Mug for Coffee?

There are a few things important to consider before going to buy the best portable travel mug for coffee.

Strong Vacuum Insulation:

If you want to buy a mug that can maintain the temperature of your drinks you must have to look at its insulation property. Its time duration of how much time it can retain the temperature and taste of cold and hot coffee. Whether its material is plastic, non-plastic, and glass its strong vacuum insulation is always the main factor for maintaining temperature.

Cover Lid/Cork:

Some traditional mugs have old design lids that are not flexible that why when lab technologists make the latest travel mugs they focused on lid smoothness. You can toss a mug lid while you were walking, standing, or climbing. It’s an important feature to note before buying to get a travel mug. If its locking feature is strong you can grab that mug by putting it in your backpack anywhere.


Some products are not dishwasher safe and it’s tricky to wash them by hand. So it’s important to buy a mug that is easy to clean and can wash with your hands or a bottle brush.


Types of Best Travel Mugs for Coffee

1- Juro Tumbler Stainless Steel Coffee Mug:

Starting our discussion for the best thermal travel mugs we are going to review this high-quality Juro Tumbler mug. This product is a great fancy choice for you to save your money. Its manufacturers claim that it can sustain the hot temperature of your drinks for up to six hours. Once you pour cold coffee with ice this mug won’t get sweat just like some low-material mugs.

Its attractive body is reliable you can hold it to your car cup holder and enjoy your ride with a hot cup of coffee. Its cork seal is firmly tight even on bumpy roads it will not fall strong lists of drinks. Tumbler sipping straw is smooth and easy to sup, this mug comes with a reusable straw that makes this product more attractive to buyers.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Good quality.
  • Reliable reviews.


  • Straw is too short so it’s difficult to drink.

2- CorkCicle Steel Coffee Mug:

Corkcicle compact coffee mugs are best for emergencies like if you are running late for the office and want to go with a cup of coffee. This mug will help you for quick pick up and you can enjoy its delicious flavor coffee while rushing to the office.

With a leak-proof cover lid, this mug can retain your coffee fresh and full of flavor for up to three hours without falling it. Its cork lid is fitted tightly but you can sip it by adjusting a removable straw into it. Its reviews are quite good and user-friendly. The main feature that attracts me more is its three-walled insulated steel material. This product can retain its reliability for many years without being spoiled. For more charm you people can buy it in your favorite color it is available in multiple colors.


  • Easy to grip handles.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Three layers of the steel body.


  • Temperature retains for short time.

3- Yeti Rambler Best Travel Mug for Coffee:

Here we come with the most popular brand of travel mugs which is Yeti. This company has owned a repute because of its reliability and high-quality features. Its viewers and customers call it a trustworthy brand you can blindly go and buy this mug without any second thought.

Let’s have a look at its features book, with double-walled vacuum insulation this mug can maintain the temperature of your drinks either it’s hot or cold. Its tumbler is 20 ounces that help to keep temperature. Its lid contains a mag slider that can further prevent leaking of your drinks. You can add a removable magic straw into it and enjoy your easy sip drinking. One of its features that makes it rank at the top of the list is its durability. For washing purposes, it’s easy to clean my hands or by washing brush.


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Double-wall body material.


  • Pricer.

4- Zojirushi Best Heat Retention Mug for Coffee:

This mug ranks high on the list of heat retention mugs. Due to its high quality and strong vacuum insulation, it retains your coffee hot for a long-lasting time. If you are in search of a long-term heating mug, then go for this Zojirushi mug.

Not just for hot drinks and coffee can maintain the temperature in this mug you can fit ice cubes in the mug and enjoy your cold coffee. Its manufacturers claim that you can taste a fresh sip of your drink after six so that you can call this mug best for flavor retaining.

This sleek design mug can fit itself in car cup holders without dripping its content. Its customer’s reviews are always pleased by their service and product reliability. Most of them complement their high-quality material, leak-proof feature, and long-lasting warranty. You can add a removable straw in its lid without moving the full cup cover you can easily enjoy your sipping.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleek attractive design.
  • Waterproof
  • Long heat retention


  • Hard to clean.
  • Scratches appear on its body after some time

5- Miir Travel Tumbler Coffee Mug:

Miir will be the first name that comes to your mind when you talk about the best travel mugs for coffee or tea. They have gained enormous repute in terms of their reliability, organic material they used for manufacturing. With double layer wall technology, this mug can maintain your drinks hot or cold for long hours without spoiling the taste of the content.

Its vacuum insulation property is strong enough to make it a waterproof mug. You can climb mountains, can go for walk even while driving this mug can’t spill off. Customers love this travel tumbler design mug, you can fit it in your normal cup holder and hold it by adjusting handles. One of the interesting things that attract my eyes about their manufacturers is they donate half of the selling price of their product to charity. This thing is very hard to see in other companies they sell their product at double prices with low-quality material. But Miir manufacturers made this mug with the best kind of organic material that makes this mug design attractive.


  • Double-wall insulation body.
  • Latest design.
  • Spill-proof cork cover.


  • Scratches appear on the body.

6- Contigo Auto Seal Steel Body Coffee Large Mug:

When it comes to discussing the best travel mug for coffee that is specially made for no-leak Contigo always click in the mind.  There is always one specific quality that makes a product popular among others. This large size durable mug is famous for its waterproof and strong lid quality.

Strong lid and auto seal technology are now available in the latest mugs that can retain your coffee hot and cold for long hours. You can use this attractive design mug for multiple purposes, even at home you can adjust it according to your home kitchen appliances. Pair up with the auto seal feature and keep your coffee hot or cold for many hours without being disturbed.

Contigo is a brand that has excellently gained its repute at high peaks and becomes a household best appliance. A few things that customers like about this mug are its durability, easy sipping, and large size.


  • It keeps your drinks hot for five hours and cold for 12 hours.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes with a lid that is strong.


  • Not dishwasher safe.

7- ELLO camp Style insulated Mug:

Here we landed with a mug that is the best choice for camp lovers. As its name symbolizes, Ello camp is a camping insulated mug. At this cheap price, you can’t find a product with so many high-quality features. The price or value of a product relies on the quality of its features, but this budget-friendly mug is better in the low range as compared to expensive ones.

You can carry this mug no matter where you are going by holding its large handle that is adjustable for everyone to hold. Its opening or closing handle is smooth you can use it with one hand and can walk without dripping your drink. The manufacturers of this mug claim that you can keep drinks hot for five hours and cold for 10 hours without spoiling the flavor of your drink. Its sealing is made specially to avoid leakage. Anyhow, you can find this mug in different attractive colors and decor it according to your choice. For outdoor purposes, this mug is a great choice to carry for tours, camping, and hiking.


  • Classic and attractive design.
  • Long-lasting material.
  • Affordable.


  • Not convenient to wash.

8- Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle and Thermal Mug:

Traveling lovers are always in search of budget-friendly and reusable water bottles that can be used as a coffee or tea mugs also. This large capacity thermal bottle is useful for multipurpose and that’s how you can save your money for the long term. This bottle or mug comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry and you can sip it with its straw.

Its attractive design can make it customers favorite one to pick. A wide lid cover is easy to slide and then you can enjoy your sipping. Although it has a wide lid still it is a leak-proof product. The hydro flask manufacturers are reliable and trustworthy they maintain their product quality and supply them after testing at large scales. They donate half of their income to a charity that is a marvelous act they do.

Customers have a lot of things to say as a positive review about this product one of the main reviews is about its packing and design. You can gift this thermal coffee mug or a bottle to your loved ones. I would love to call this product the best travel mug for coffee or tea.


  • The lid style is better than other hydro flask models.
  • Half of the income goes to charity organizations.
  • Waterproof.


Hard to clean.

9- KeepCup Reusable Coffee Mug:

With an aesthetic sleek design, this mug is for those people who want a glass cup-style thermal mug for their coffee and tea desires. It has a natural cork band around its glass-shaped body that makes it easy to hold. Don’t think that its glass is normal and can break by pouring hot drinks, its glass is a hard one that can’t break in any situation.

The main purpose of making this glass mug is to replace local coffee mugs in the market and can be reusable. Unfortunately, one of its drawbacks is it cannot retain the hot temperature of your drinks as compared to others on our list.

When this product was under process of making its manufacturers makes it environment friendly that can resist any hot or cold temperature. Its compact size attracts most of the customers because they can carry it easily without even bearing any weight.


  • Reusable cup.
  • User friendly.
  • Cheap price value.


  • Unable to keep drinks hot for a long time.

10- Fellow Carter Move Travel Mug:

Moving to end up our discussion about the travel thermal mugs we are landed at the fellow carter move travel mug that has an eye-catching design. Due to its strong vacuum insulation power, it can keep your drinks hot for the long term, and for iced coffee, its temperature is also retained. In our list of top-ranked travel mugs, this fellow carter has more time duration for temperature retention as compared to others.

Its customer’s review that it can keep the heating temperature for 12 hours and for cold drinks it maintains 24 hours. Its uniques and latest design keep to prevent it from leakage and spills. The inner side of the lid comes with a splash spin guard that drains dust and gives you a pure taste of your drink.

This product proves itself while ranking in our list of top 10 travel mugs for coffee. Customer reviews about this product are always loving and positive they love its hard sturdy design, waterproof feature.


  • Long duration for temperature balance.
  • Comes with an inner splash guard.
  • Great product for outdoor use.


  • Costly.


It is concluded that there are a lot of options of the best travel mug for coffee and tea. We have discussed in this article the top-ranked products of coffee mugs that have some advantages and disadvantages. After reading this review discussion you will be able to know what type of mug is suitable for your outdoor and traveling purpose.

Don’t depend on the price tags of a product, just read their reviews and features book before going to buy it. In this way, you can save your money for the long term and enjoy the use of the product without any fear. While travelling with family don’t forget to keep the best thermos for coffee with you. Stay Happy and enjoy reading.


  • What is the best material for a travel mug?

    Glass, ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel are the most common materials used in travel mugs. Stainless steel is preferred over glass or ceramic because it is more robust and maintains heat better than plastic. It's also the best vacuum insulating material.

  • What is the difference between a travel mug and a tumbler?

    Tumblers and travel mugs are similar in appearance, but there is one major difference: the grip! A tumbler will never have a handle, whereas a travel cup might not have one.

  • Does the travel mug keeps the drink cold?

    Stainless steel travel cups maintain their temperature for the longest time. The contents will stay warm or cold for hours if the container is made of stainless steel. And, when used in accordance with double-wall vacuum insulation it keeps the inside temperature from escaping.

  • Why does coffee taste different in travel mugs?

    Because porcelain is a solid, impartial material, it does not retain or transmit flavors, thus coffee tastes just as it should.

  • How long you should keep a travel mug?

    An average temperature retention time for hot beverages in travel mugs is about four horse but for cold drinks it would be six hours.