The 10 Best Manual Coffee Grinders In 2022

best manual coffee grinder

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If you love fresh-made delicious brewed coffee, you can have this at home by using the best manual coffee grinder or electric coffee grinder. There are many options available for brewing coffee machines but with different price ranges and features. This machine is not optional equipment for coffee lovers, their main priority is to buy a friendly coffee maker whether it is electric or manual.

If you love coffee, then you need to care about coffee grinders or machines. Each product has its advantages and drawbacks; manual grinders are less pricer than electric coffee grinders. A hand or manual coffee grinder is not perfect for everyone just like some people are not really into coffee they can use an electric grinder over a manual one.

People who love to exercise in the morning and have spare time to grind coffee beans manually by using hand grinders can enjoy this gadget. They can capture the full aroma and texture of fresh coffee by grinding themselves. Coffee lovers are sometimes insane they enjoy every initial step of the process till the end of the last sip. If these manual grinders are well built by manufacturers they seem easy to use. In this article, you are going to find the best manual burr coffee grinders that are ranked in the market. But first, let’s have a look at which factors are important for buying the best coffee grinder.

Things to look for in a Manual Coffee Grinder:

Manual processors are easier to purchase than ordinary burr espresso processors. Why would that be? Indeed, there are simply fewer sorts, innovations, and use-cases, which implies there are less interesting points by and large.

  • Travel:

Go for something more modest and more compact, assuming you need to welcome the processor on trips.

  • Coffee or Filter:

Most processors dominate at one thing in particular; however, a couple of functions are admirable for the two espresso styles.

  • Spending plan:

Today, hand processors are accessible at all value levels. I recommend setting a spending plan with a touch of legroom. Remember; you get what you pay for. Also, with hand processors, it very well may be particularly irritating to understand that you ought to have gone for something better since you’ll be investing a ton of energy crushing in that hard beans, pre-caffeinated state.

There are likewise different highlights that you ought to consider. Don’t pay attention to the makers and their promoting BS. Allow me to separate the highlights for you here, so you realize what to go for in a processor.

  • Artistic or steel burrs:

The burrs are one of the main parts of a processor. All hand processors have cone-shaped burrs. They come in one or the other earthenware or steel. Steel is a LOT more keen (and better). It’s trouble quicker and more reliable than earthenware. If you have the financial plan, I most certainly suggest a processor with steel burrs even though they will quite often be more costly.

  • Handle length:

The handle can represent the deciding moment of a hand processor. On the off chance that it’s excessively short, you need to burn through much more effort crushing similar measures of beans.

  • Direction:

The superior models typically have direction, which makes crushing a great deal smoother and simpler. If you pick a model without heading, you’ll need to consume a ton of pointless energy.

  • Size and Portability:

Assuming you need to welcome your processor out traveling, size is critical to consider. Likewise, if you have more modest hands, you don’t need something hard to hold.

  • Grind Adjustment:

This is a significant one. Pick a processor, where you can switch to and fro without much of a stretch between various settings from the French press, channel, and Aeropress. The progression of fewer models can be a headache.

Best Rated Coffee Grinders:

1- TimeMore C2 Hand Coffee Grinder:

The Timemore C2 is, the best financial plan hand processor. Timemore is a moderately new organization in the espresso scene, however, they are rapidly acquiring a reputation in the forte espresso industry. Furthermore, the Timemore C2 is one reason why. This smooth processor offers premium toil quality at a passage-level cost.

The Timemore C2 is loaded with 38mm cone-shaped steel burrs. These burrs are sharp and forceful, dealing with your espresso beans. What’s more, they do not just proposition a quick crushing rate. The burrs additionally produce a phenomenal toil reliably especially at the medium to coarse settings. As far as to grind settings, the C2 has a ventured grind change framework that offers 36 diverse toil sizes.

These toil settings offer a full grinding range, taking into account anything from Moka pot to French press and everything in the middle. So this hand processor is appropriate to manual blending techniques. The Timemore C2 has an advanced plan, however, it has a less expensive form than a portion of different processors on this rundown.



  • Large grinding space.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Fast speed technology.


  • Have plastic parts.

2- 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder:

The JX model is around the center of the reach as far as the different processors 1Zpresso produces. It is the more modest and less expensive sibling of the Jx Pro. It accompanies a noteworthy arrangement of 48mm steel burrs, looks phenomenal, and is a delight to utilize. This is an ergonomic hand processor that truly is an assertion piece all by itself.

As far as grinder settings it has 12 numbers on the dial with a half advance between each providing you with an aggregate of 24 potential toil sizes. This grinding change framework is not difficult to use you can utilize this hand grinder for cold brew coffee also. One more significant reward of the 1Zpresso JX processor is that it is an exceptionally quick hand processor because of the size of the burrs.

This processor is great for manual fermenting styles, in case you are needing the capacity to crush espresso beans for coffee also, you would be smarter to settle on the 1Zpresso Jx Pro. You can grab this mini-size portable processor with you for camping and outdoor events.


  • High-quality material.
  • Fast grinding power.
  • Grinding consistency is great.


  • This brand needs to add some new features.

3- HandGround Precision Manual Coffee Grinder:

The Handground espresso processor detonated onto the crushing scene a couple of years back as a redesign of all that a hand processor should be. In opposition to most models on this rundown, the idea about the Handground Precision processor is as an afterthought rather than the top. Many have viewed this development as essentially more agreeable. 

Another extraordinary element of this Kickstarter hand espresso processor is exceptionally clear toil size boundaries that are not difficult to utilize and simple to change. 15 settings cover everything from coffee to French press and cold dribble.

As far as grinding reliably the Handground espresso processor is like the Skerton Pro and sits at the top finish of the less expensive value section. The Handground especially makes its mark with coarser toil settings, for example, are needed for French press or cold trickle. So on the off chance that you are a French press kind of person, the Handground should be an undeniable competitor for your decision. The Handground processor is the biggest manual processor on this rundown and weighs right around a kilogram.


  • User friendly.

  • Fast service.

  • Grinding adjustment is excellent.


  • Heavy and Large size.

4- Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder:

The Skerton Pro is Harios’s redesign of the exemplary Skerton with a lot of huge upgrades. The upgrades incorporate another burr plan with undeniably greater solidness, another toil setting framework, and a somewhat unique look. Furthermore, these enhancements have rather astoundingly taken the Skerton from what many felt was a shoddy processor, to a quality processor that is not difficult to utilize, produces a uniform grinding, and is presently all-around considered.

The Hario Coffee Grinder is a moderately enormous hand processor which has a container limit of 100g and is made of a blend of plastic, glass, and elastic. This implies that while it very well may be utilized for movement it is more qualified for a kitchen setting.

The grind setting is changed by turning a little ring that snaps for each change. This is a similar framework utilized with the Hario Slim Mill for those familiar with that model. We accept this is an incredible hand processor, particularly for manual blending styles. It is not difficult to utilize, made of value materials, and has been generally hailed as a huge move forward on the exemplary model.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Rubber base.
  • Can make even grinding.


  • No indication for grinder settings.

5- Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder:

If you want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while you were out for some picnics and road trips you can grab this Porlex mini stainless steel best manual coffee grinder. Its sleek design is attractive you can easily fit this into your backpack and can enjoy your ride. This grinder is best for travel purposes.

This is because of how lightweight it is and its little size (the handle is removable) which permits it to try and fit inside an Aeropress! One more incredible thing about this manual process is that is produced using a blend of plastic and hardened steel it is truly tough and is more than solid enough to carry with you on that climbing trip.

It has 13 snap grind settings which are not difficult to explore and recall. The tradeoff for the versatile size of this processor must be that it can just crush 20g of beans all at once. In the same way as other of the more affordable manual processors, the grinding consistency can function admirably for pour-over and Aeropress however will truly battle with either French Press or Espresso.


  • Highly durable.
  • Lightweight and portable.

  • Easy to operate.


  • Its grinding capacity is small.

6- Orphan Espresso Travel Coffee Grinder:

Orphan Espresso has been dazzling espresso geeks with its manual processors beginning around 2011 when they delivered the first Lido. Each new processor from that point forward has been a refinement that offers new elements and advantages.

With the Fixie, OE has taken the amazing and tough solidified steel burrs utilized in the Lido 3 however made a processor stunningly better for movement. Utilizing a blend of airplane aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel parts, the weight has been stripped down to simply 11.5 oz. 

The greatest development comes in the manner that the grinding is changed. Espresso realizes that when you’re camping, you’re prone to just take one sort of espresso creator with you. So the processor accompanies three fixie plates, that permit you to set the processor to a fine, medium, or coarse setting.

Miniature changes are then conceivable with the utilization of extra Teflon shims. The thought is that you set the processor to coordinate with the brewing strategy you’re going with and lock it into place. The exceptional side-stacking container implies that your settings will not get upset once you fill up its grinding cups.


  • Excessive capacity.
  • High-quality material.
  • Best for travel purposes.


  • Working is slow.
  • Long and heavy design.

7- JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder:

The Javapresse manual espresso processor has been a bit of a group top pick for some time now. Also, there are parts to cherish about this hand processor! In numerous ways, it is a somewhat bigger adaptation of the Porlex Mini with large numbers of similar qualities. It is entirely versatile with a removable hand wrench and has a hardened steel body that is known to endure.

Different benefits of this processor incorporate a liberal 40g limit which will effortlessly take into account 2 cups of mix, and 18 drudgery settings on a tick handle under the burrs. The creators of this hand wrench espresso processor additionally gloat that it is probably the calmest processor available, so no demolishing the peacefulness at the crack of dawn on that fishing trip! Also, its cheap price can beat many expensive grinders.

The drawback of this Javapress espresso processor is that as comparably expensive products this cheap model compromises on grinding quality. But its plus points can make its users happy and satisfied.


  • Reasonable Price.
  • Extremely durable.
  •  Quiet working


  • Grinders are not consistent.

8- Comandante C40 Manual Burr Coffee Grinder:

The Comandante processor truly denotes the highest quality level of manual espresso processors as far as style and grinding consistency. This German-made processor is effectively the best quality hand processor on this rundown and dominates at coffee just as effectively taking into account any remaining blending styles.

The burrs are made of the greatest quality steel and have twofold hub directions to guarantee consistency of molecule size. This makes a scrumptious cup of mix and has the special reward of being one of only a handful of exceptional top-of-the-line processors that actually utilizes a ventured grind framework for simple change and replication of drudgery sizes. 

Furthermore, let’s be realistic, it simply looks quite astonishing also! Be that as it may, likewise with any top-of-the-line espresso processor, you pay for the quality. The Comandante is the most costly hand processor on this rundown as is speculation for the espresso darling who will not acknowledge anything less than flawlessness! Its design is an old traditional vintage one that is a quite noticeable feature of this grinder. Its reliable features make it the best manual coffee grinder.


  • Built-up by high-quality material.
  •  Vintage design.

    to charity organizations.
  • Can grind every size.


Hard to clean.

9- Zassenhaus Santiago Best Manual Coffee Grinder:

Zassenhaus antique espresso processor is something other than a beautiful face! These processors have amazing toil consistency and apparently can even crush fine enough for Turkish espresso. The grinder size is changed with a dial prompting an enormous scope of conceivable toil settings.

The Zassenhaus Santiago in numerous ways addresses the notable antique espresso processor. Zassenhaus is a German Company that has been around for more than 150 years now and making vintage espresso processors for nearly as long! Utilizing one of these natural and wonderful hand processors can nearly feel like a stage back on schedule. While it comes in three distinct types of wood, we suggest going with Mahogany (in case you are going natural you should put in any amount of work!).

The quality make of this vintage manual processor is built up by the surprising long-term guarantee that Zassenhaus offer!! In numerous ways this is something other than a hand processor, it is a piece of natural and exquisite craftsmanship that simply ends up serving as an extraordinary espresso processor!


  • Its grinding consistency is great.
  • Comes with 25 years of warranty pack.
  • Attractive design.


  • Large and heavy-weight.

10- Lido 3 Manual Coffee Grinder:

Both the Lido 3 espresso processor and the Commandante mark a critical change as far as quality. These next two hand processors effectively dominate the past processors in grind consistency and nature of burrs, and the costs reflect them. The Lido 3 processor is 1kg weight and 13.5 inches tall (incidentally it is even publicized as a processor for tours and camping!).

Yet, what it loses in compactness is more than compensates for in quality and usefulness! This manual processor can undoubtedly crush espresso beans for any blending style including French press and coffee (albeit the coffee fuss budget might need to consider the Lido E model which is upgraded for this brew style).

As far as make it is built of exceptionally tough uncompromising plastic and sports 48mm steel cone-shaped burrs. This is the kind of manual processor that you won’t need to redesign from however could essentially up your espresso game! The most common downside issue of this grinder is its fraught lock that is not user-friendly for everyone.


  • High-end built quality.

  • Can grind all types of brewing.
  • Reliable product.


  • Heavyweight or bulky as compared to other grinders in the market.


To conclude our topic, we are well aware that what is the best manual coffee grinder in the market and which factors make it top-rated. A true coffee lover would love to read and research some facts before buying its coffee grinder. There are multiple considerations that are important to notice if you want to use your product for the long term otherwise your money will go to waste.

Manual burr grinders are much better in performance and productivity as compared to and electric grinders that can’t last for the long term. The latest technology can make life easy but people who loved classic vintage products still use manual grinders because the taste and aroma of handmade grinders can make them unbeatable.

Some pricer products are not reliable and long-lasting, that’s why don’t get attract by expensive things. Manual grinders come in a different price range anyone can buy them and enjoy their coffee life. Happy reading, happy caffeine life.


  • Which manual coffee grinder is the best?

    Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Grinder is the best globally. The Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Mill is the most efficient. VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder is the cheapest option. Zassenhaus Santiago Manually Coffee Mill is the best for coffee.

  • Are manual coffee grinder good?

    Many manual coffee grinders in this price range are more consistent and lengthy than electric grinders cost five times as much. You'll be financially pleased with a hand grinder if you just want to brew excellent coffee without breaking the budget on a solid, trustworthy grinder.

  • What else can you grind in a manual coffee grinder?

    It was designed with flavour grinding in mind, but it can also grind coffee, nuts, and a lot of other stuff.

  • How long does it take to grind coffee with a manual coffee grinder?

    Hand processing the coffee beans for one cup of coffee took about one minute on average with a manual grinder. This depends on type of hand coffee grinder you use, the grind size (a fine espresso grind takes longer than a coarse cafetiere grind), and the strength of your coffee.

  • How long will my hand coffee grinder last?

    A high quality processor should last you roughly 5-10 years if used frequently. Before the blades of a decent blade grinder begin to dull, it can grind around 500-800 pounds of coffee beans. Burr grinders, on the other hand, may grind up to 1500 pounds of coffee before the burrs need to be replaced.