Best Espresso Cups For Coffee Lovers 2022

best espresso cups for coffee lovers

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An espresso lover knows that coffee tastes delicious when it pours in a good vessel. No one can imagine having a shot of espresso in a hug vessel or cup. That’s why you came here to read about the best espresso cups in the world. A cup’s texture matter a lot for developing the taste of coffee and any drink. The cup you choose for drinking is as important as a drink. Caffeine addicts have their favorite on-go cups at that point they will never compromise their choice and preferences.

The choice of your cups affects the taste of your coffee. And yes it’s true, some material of cups spoils the original flavor and aroma of your favorite drink that will automatically disturb your whole mood. If you have been sipping from an old cup rather than buying a new elegant caffeine cup you are doing yourself and your espresso an injustice.

Some people prefer a cup that is full of colors and vibrant looks, but some are used too of simple elegant cups. Their main purpose for buying espresso cups is to grab them at their workplace or wherever they want to enjoy their coffee. But hi, before going to review these cups you need to know about what type of material is best for your caffeine cups. So let’s have a look at them.

Selecting Material of Caffeine Cups:

There are a few materials that are most commonly used for espresso cups, these are stainless steel, ceramic, and glass material. Porcelain is another type of ceramic material that has a glassier appearance. Stainless Steel is the most durable and reliable substance so if you are a little inept at sipping coffee first and have to travel then go for this one.

On the other side, metals substance are high heat conductors they will burn your fingers and end up giving you a cold espresso. Plus point of steel-made cups is they are dishwasher safe too. Don’t do too much bargaining for getting cheap cups because a low-quality product will spoil your taste and doesn’t last for a long time. Top-notch ceramic and glass are high-quality stuff; they will never leach any unwanted flavor into your drink. They are thermally insulated cups that have the ability to maintain the inner temperature of your drink.

Types of The Best Espresso Cups:

1- Zenco Living Large Handle Espresso Cups:

These cups are an ideal choice for both espresso and Nespresso lovers because of their size and sustainability. They come in a package of 6 cup sets and are made up of silicon glass that can withstand any temperature. But their appearance is sleek and light which attracts most of its customers.

Some high price cups are unable to retain the flavor of your drink but these cups are user-friendly and never leach any unwanted taste behind. Some of its reviews suggest that these cups are swanky and classy according to their preferences.

Large handles are easy to hold and can fit in any cup holder wherever you want to grab them for your espresso dose. Their glass quality is high built they will maintain the temperature of your drinks whether it’s cold or hot.


  • Silicon crystal substance.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Large strong handle.


  • Not a long-lasting product.

2- Le Creuset Stoneware Espresso Coffee Mug:

For classic double-walled espresso cups, you won’t get better than this Le Creuset coffee mug. With a 14-ounce volume, this renowned mug is suitable for a generous serving of coffee or your preferred morning brew.

It’s made of stoneware, which is a long-lasting product that’s great for daily usage. This mug also has a vibrant, non-porous finish that resists scratches, chips, and stains. It’s also nonstick, making cleanup a breeze.

This coffee mug comes in 20 various color schemes, so you’re likely to find one that fits your taste or decorative items. The oven, microwave, broiler, freezer, and even metal utensils are all safe to use. To add to its overall value, this mug is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Guaranteed product.
  • Available in different elegant colors.
  • Dual Wall.


  • Unable to retain natural flavor.

3- Best overall, De’Longi Dual Wall Thermal Espresso Cups:

If you are looking for a dual-wall insulated espresso cup or cup set that is compact, mini, and looks nice while holding then must go to pick this De’longi Espresso cup. Don’t look at their small sizes they keep hot or cold your brew for 24 hours without spoiling the taste.

They have a quality to maintain condensation process, which means that these compact cups go well for all types of drinks. You can pour brew, Nespresso, and espresso. In this way, you save your money for the long term.

It is made up of a substance that has a strong grip on the body, protects the cup from any leakage and breakage. Each cup has enough space to hold 2 ounces of brew. You can enjoy your daily cups of coffee even one or two easily. These sleek design espresso mugs are dishwasher safe. All these flawless features make this mug the best espresso cup.


  • Great size for a single espresso shot.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Attractive elegant body.


  • Water may seep into the dual walls.

4- JoyJolt Serene Dual Wall Insulated Coffee Mug:

Some crystal clear looks attract more than any other. This JoyJolt has a crystal body that attracts most of its customers. Each mug has the capacity to hold 7.5 ounces of brew because of its heavy borosilicate crystal stuff. This type of crystal looks heavy but when you hold them they are lightweight and have a comfortable grip.

These cups are condensation-free, when you pour a hot drink or iced coffee they keep resistance against the temperature so that you can hold the mug easily. They are perfect for your single-serving such as latte or cappuccino. Their manufacturers tested their reliability before inaugurating to the market. Some people may be confused about where to buy espresso cups? And the answer lies here, you can access them via online market just like Amazon or directly get them by stores. These mugs are baked-free you can use them in microwaves and keep them useable for one year.


  • Single serving cups.
  • Dual walled.
  • Warranty product.


  • Flimsy.

5- Ember Temperature Control Unique Smart Mug:

For coffee enthusiasts who love to drink their brew steamed and fresh then this smart mini and small travel cup is a perfect choice. This mug is specially built to maintain the instant temperature of the drink whether it’s hot or cool.

The value of this Digital technology has progressed a lot in every field of life. Now brew cups are first priority of every coffee lover. People want to save their time by making instant coffee rather than spending many hours on the brewing process.

You can set the temperature of these mugs from Fahrenheit to Celsius and keep your beverage fresh. Apart from a coffee mug warmer, the mug heats itself since the battery is inserted into the body. Another pleasant feature is the LED indication at the bottom of the cup that indicates when the temperature is at its peak.  This mug can be used as a travel mug due to its latest trending technology. You can choose mug size according to your need they are available in two different sizes and multiple colors. I would personally call this mug the best coffee cup.


  • Available in two different sizes.
  • Digital Technology features.
  • Simple Design.


  • Battery time is short.

6- Stainless Steel Dual Wall Espresso Cups:

When we talk about the best espresso cups then how can we leave this flawless temperature-controlling Stainless steel brew cup? Some cups are unable to protect your hands while holding a hot coffee mug. But this mug has the ability to keep safe your finger from burning when you hold its double-walled body.

Its handle is in a square shape so that you can have a strong grip while holding and you can put your finger around its pinch when you take a sip. These cups have a granule coat finish that protects them from peeling or chipping. Each espresso cup can carry up to 3 ounces of espresso, making it suitable for both single and double espresso shots. They come in a variety of hues, including black, blue, natural, white, and various others.


  • Durable
  • Reliable product.
  • Comes in a cup set.


  • Not safe for microwave.

7- Sweese Porcelain Espresso Cups:

Sweese is a well-known brand that is popular because of its whole espresso cup set package. The essentials of this package are four 2.5 ounce cups with sauces and a metal stand. So if a family person looking for a coffee mug set then this product is a perfect choice for them. Its metal stand is convenient for holding all cups in a single place and keeps your kitchen shelf space safe.

You can avail these cups in different colors, they are made up of porcelain substance that is firm and long-lasting. Their manufacturers offer a sleek unique design for a cafe-type look. You can enjoy drinking of every kind in these 2.5 ounces cups that have the capacity to hold hot, cold beverages. Its walls are highly insulated to keep the temperature in balance and protect your hand from burning.


  • Frim, sturdily constructed product.
  • Comes with suitable saucers.
  • Available in many colors.


  • Tiny handles.

8- Bruntmore Espresso Cups with Saucers:

If you are someone who loves to drink coffee many times a day, then these Bruntmore espresso sets of cups would be a great choice for you. These cups are not for just a single serving; you can enjoy a double shot or even multiple shots in a day. Burntmores espresso cups can hold 4 ounces of capacity this is beyond anyone’s expectation. Because old traditional cups can bear 2 ounces maximum but these cups are flawless.

They are made up of a pure ceramic substance, that makes them extremely durable and saves them from being splinter-resistant. Due to the thick layers of the wall, they are able to maintain the temperature of your drink. In the case of aesthetics, these cups are very cool and stylish available in different eye-catching colors. Even they match flawlessly with their saucers. Other features are, they are microwave safe, easy to clean, and come with a warranty.


  • Available in funky cool colors.
  • Set of matching saucers.
  • Can hold 4 ounces.


  • Lack of quality control.

9- Contigo Autoseal Espresso Travel Mug:

Are you looking for a multi-function thermal cup? This Contigo Autoseal espresso travel mug is one of the best multi-function mugs that works flawlessly in any condition. This mug is a great companion for your travel journey if you want to grab your coffee on the roads. It can last coffee of 20 ounces which is far enough for your full workout day.

Due to its Autoseal body, it is spill-off-free which fits and locks the cork lid in its position firmly. You can take a sip without holding it with two hands, by using just one hand you can hold it and enjoy your coffee or any other beverage.

Its temperature maintaining capacity lasts for up to 7 hours for hot drinks and 18 hours for cold beverages. This large size mug is an excellent product due to its ever-lasting features. You can get them in multiple colors and different sizes.


  • Leak-free.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Heat retention is long.


  • Unable to fit in car cup holders.

10- Fellow Monty Milk Art Espresso Cups:

The fellow is a brand that always comes up with the most expensive products with outstanding features. These ceramic espresso cups look unique due to their metal base body. You can get these cups in a set if your requirement is for more than a single server.

But if you are the only user you can buy this cup lonely. These cups are specially made for latte coffee which means that they have a slanted inside wall that makes smooth layers of your brew. The designs of these cups are unusual and eye-catching which attracts most customers. Also, they are easy to wash and the dual-wall layer makes them heat resistant.


  • Attractive design.
  • Metal base body.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • A bit pricey.


True coffee lovers are always in a search of finding better ways to make coffee better and drink it in pure natural form. The best espresso cups are a great choice for them to drink their coffee fresh whenever they want. You can use these mugs for multi-purpose not for just drinking coffee.

In this article, you will read about which factors makes these cups rank on the list and what you have to look at in these cups before going to purchase them. These top-rated 10 espresso mugs are listed here with their benefits and downsides. You can select which suits you well according to your desires. The value and quality of a product fall in its reliable features, not in its price. So don’t look at high price tags while buying any product. Keep reading and enjoy caffeine life.


  • Should espresso cups have saucers?

    Saucers were included in some espresso cups. These are helpful if you're delivering espresso to guests or if you want the cup to rest as you drink it slowly. In cafes and coffee shops, the saucer tends to hold a spoon for stirring and a biscuit or sugar cube.

  • Do espresso cups need handles?

    When you're using stainless steel or glass, make sure it's double-walled, as this will help keep your espresso stronger for longer. Double-walled cups, whether stainless steel or glass, do not need handles since the outer layer remains cool to the touch, contrary to ceramic cups.

  • Which cup is espresso typically served in?

    While you may think of them as espresso cups, the little coffee cup that commonly holds espresso is known as a demitasse cup. Throughout the world, these tiny white cups can be spotted at restaurants, cafes, and cafés.

  • Can a shot glass be used for espresso?

    To get uniformity from your espresso machine, a shot glass is a must-measuring tool. A single bullet of espresso should be 1 ounce, while a double shot should be 2 ounces. Put TWO shot glasses - one under each spout - under the double-spout of your filter holder to calibrate properly.

  • How much should an espresso cup hold?

    A white china cup, free of any inside decoration, elliptical in shape, with a capacity of 50-100 microliters, is ideal for Italian espresso (1.7-3.4oz).