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Using a high-quality coffee machine would be a great beneficial product for coffee enthusiasts. The best commercial coffee maker can withstand with you all day whenever you want to make quick coffee beverages for office use or your family. Such kind of commercial coffee machines is heavily built and special for industrial use as well as everyday use for more than a year.

But for home use coffee makers are a bit different in their dimensions, water tank size, and capacity. People would love to enjoy their break time and picnic tour time with a fresh cup of coffee. For that purpose, commercial coffee makers are the best friendly items. You can use them whenever you want they withstand with you in any condition depending on their quality.

Purchasing a good coffee maker would be an important task for you because you are buying not for just your satisfaction also to make your customers pleasurable. You need to consider some facts before getting any coffee machine, its size, temperature, and material quality are few things to consider. But we will discuss each of these facts in this review. This article will help you to earn more and rank in the competing market of coffee makers. Let’s have a look at features that you need to pay attention to before investing your money.

Things to consider important before buying the best economical/Commercial coffee maker:

Following are some features that you need to pay attention to before buying your coffee machine.

  • Type of Coffee Machine:

Coffee makers are available in a range of complex to easy forms. The easiest is a bean to cup coffee machine. Bean to cup coffee makers comes with a grinder. All you need is to pour your coffee beans into a cup and water into the tank. It looks like a complex process but it works within a few minutes and here you will get your fresh hot coffee.

The complex bean cup coffee makers have multi features you can make more than one type of coffee drink. Such as you can make hot chocolate drinks, instantly dried coffee, and of course espresso. Both of these types can make 50 to 200 cups of coffee at a time and works on low-volume applications.

At last at large scale production of coffee complex espresso machines are used that work on high volume. These machines are usually available in coffee shops and industries. But you need to give priority to its processing.

  • Capacity:

The bean canister space will tell you how many cups of coffee can be made at a time in this machine. Usually, 20 cups of coffee are made by those machines that have 0.2Ibs of space storage. You can measure the bean canister capacity by adding a specific volume of coffee beans. For more than 200 cups of coffee, you need to buy a coffee machine of size 5Ibs which is sufficient. In other words, you can alternatively buy a small coffee machine but for that purpose, you need to replace the number of coffee beans.

  • Temperature Requirements:

Some individuals prefer their coffee quite scorching, while others prefer it to be more moderate than warm. You can set the temperature for each cup of coffee pouring from the machine with temperature control. Should choose a coffee machine with temperature control so you can select each consumer’s optimum temperature. If you’re using the machine in a workplace, you can modify the temperature of your coffee to whatever you like.

  • Assurance:

In case of a machine glitch, you have a back-end manufacturer’s help they will repair that fault within the warranty of their product. Some coffee machines have 1 year of a warranty package. While some top-notch coffee makers are ranking in the market just because of their long-lasting 3 years’ warranty. You can give preference to those coffee brands that provide warranty and default repairment.

  • Size of water reservoir:

The size or capacity of the water tank is crucial for making more than 20 cups of coffee. You can brew fresh coffee beans before refilling the water tank. This part of the coffee machine is life-saving for you when you have to make coffee for home use and the office. But some high-class brands such as Keurig1500 have 96oz of water space which is not ideal for making more than 15 cups of coffee.

Top-rated brands of the best commercial coffee makers

1- Keurig K155 K-Cup Coffee Maker:

This Keurig K155 coffee machine is not only elegant in shape but also offers its consumers to enjoy a tasteful delicious instant cup of coffee. Its speed limit is enough to satisfy its users. Within just a minute you can brew your fresh coffee beans. One minute is a quite quick time of brewing because most of the other brands do not have that much quick speed.

On its digital touch screen, you can add the brewing time and temperature by just one touch, and here your end product comes out. You can also modify its temperature settings which are usually coddled by other coffee machines also. So according to different preferences users can customize their brewing methods by changing the settings. This extraordinary coffee machine can make instant 18 cups of coffee because of its large water tank capacity.


  • Aesthetic sleek design.
  • Easy to wash.
  • User friendly.


  • Harsh coffee taste.

2- BUNN VP17-3 Cafetera Coffee Machine:

This Pour-over BUNN coffee machine is famous because of its convenience and user-friendly features. Several coffee machines need plumbing to set their apparatus permanently at a place. But this Bunn coffee is easy to relocate and transport from one place to another. You just have to plug in the machine and then it will work automatically. For processing, you need to pour water into its water reservoir and plug in its switch.

This coffee machine is ideal for coffee shops, offices, and families. You can make 3.4 gallons of coffee each hour by pouring water into its reservoir. Another interesting and most convenient feature that attracts me personally is its automatic working.

You don’t need to arrange staff for its processing. By clicking on its touch screen or plugging it will start working without wasting time. Don’t hesitate while holding its hot cup holder because it is wrapped by a splash guard funnel to protect you from burning.


  • Easy to relocate.
  • Automatic processing.
  • User friendly.


  • No indication bar for temperature zone.

3- Hamilton Beach Hot Coffee Dispenser:

If you are hunting for a coffee maker for large groups and gathering, then hurry up this Hamilton beach can make 45 cups of fresh coffee within an hour. Its features include a two-way dispenser system one is for single processing and another one is for continuous brewing. In this way, you can fill small cups as well as large cruets.

Through its LED screen which works as an indicator for water level and also tells you when coffee is ready. Watermarking level is an easy step for measuring water level and maintaining it according to its levels.  Overall the upper body of this machine is waterproof and its cleaning method is a bit gusty.

On the downside, this machine does not have an insulation system in its internal mechanism. That’s why coffee gets cool quickly just after taking out from the machine.


  • Indicator system.
  • Large capacity of the water tank.
  • Waterproof body.


  • No insulation system.

4- Focus 57060 Best Value Commercial Coffee Maker:

Some people are in search of finding those coffee makers that can purvey large mugs and cups but they will fail to find that. Focus 57060 Coffee maker is an extraordinary exceptional product that is rare and serves large cups and mugs of coffee. With the help of cork and the most feasible clearance system.

This machine is perfect for commercial use, industrial use, and large gatherings. Within 45 minutes you can make 60 cups of coffee easily without wasting time. Its thermal retention duration is long which retains the temperature of a coffee longer period.

To avoid coffee dripping from the nozzle part this machine has a sticky drip feature. Don’t worry about its endurance its body is made up of stainless steel material that makes it hard for drastic conditions. For people who have a low budget to invest in coffee makers, this Focus coffee maker would be a great budget-friendly investment for you.


  • Perfect for large cups serving.
  • Sticky nondrip nozzle.
  • Stainless steel durable body.


  • No efficient straining.

5- BUNN FBA Commercial Coffee Maker:

For professional workplaces, this BUNN FBA is an ideal choice for coffee brewing. Because of its extremely elegant look and convenient features, it is the best commercial coffee maker on the market. It contains two casters and warmers for convenient processing. Its features make it the most flexible and user-friendly coffee maker.

You just need to plug in its switch, fill its water reservoir and click on the start button. That’s how it starts working and makes fresh cups of coffee for you without wasting time. Once the coffee processing is done it directly falls down into the caster. You can make 3.8gallons of coffee per hour.

Additional features that attract its customers are, it has built-in stainless steel covering the body that protects it from the harsh environment and can be a long-term item for you. At last, its splashguard duct protects you from over burning hot water.


  • Elegant body.
  • Safety protection features.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Makes loud noise while working.

6- Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial Coffee Machine:

To continue to review the best economical coffee makers we are here with another most reliable product of Hamilton beach company. Most coffee makers do not have an efficient lid you need to pull off for checking coffee processing is done or not. In that case, outside contamination occurs and cools down the internal material.

But this Hamilton D50065 product contains an obvious window through which you can see the coffee brewing. For water refilling, you can easily pull off the cork and fill the water tank. Its insulation mechanism is great for maintaining the temperature of your coffee. You can make 60 cups of fresh coffee at the rate of one minute per cup.

You can detect its water level and when the machine is ready for working via looking at its indication lights on the screen. One of its drawbacks is its bottom plate rusts quickly and does not last for a longer period.


  • Clear window for checking.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Indication lights.


  • Makes metallic taste coffee

7- West Bend Aluminum Commercial Coffee Maker:

West Bend Aluminum Coffee Maker is another ideal coffee machine for large social gatherings, office staff, and home use. It is one of the best coffee brewing machines for efficiency and fast working.

You can brew 100 cups of coffee at the rate of one minute per cup. Its automatic temperature controlling feature attracts most of the people in the market. It contains two spigots that are useful to bring out single-cup processing and continuous filling.

You can easily relocate this machine without any fear of being burned by its hot body. It contains thermal resistance and insulation material handles for protection. You can also check the water levels by monitoring water markers. On the downside, this machine makes noise while working which disturbs the surrounding environment.


  • Keeps coffee hot for a longer period.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Efficient and fast processing.


  • Dripping spigots.

8- Brew Express BEC-110 Automatic Coffee Processor:

If you are looking for an efficient and neat coffee processor that creates less mess while making coffee. Then this Brew Express would be an ideal item for you. After spending a budget-friendly amount you will get a lifetime flexible coffee machine. You don’t need to fill it manually which creates a mess in the surrounding area. After clicking on the stat touch screen it will automatically fill itself.

This commercial coffee maker solves your mess problem due to its efficient auto-filling feature. Also, it has a thermal retaining system that retains your coffee hot and fresh. Its stainless steel hard body is easy to clean. But still on a dark note, personally I would never suggest this Brew Coffee processor because of its loud noise while working.  Also, it needs a regular repair mechanism because of its rusty plates.


  • Auto-filling system.
  • Easy to relocate.
  • Affordable.


  • Makes noise.

9- Ninja CP307 Most Versatile Best Commercial Coffee Maker:

If you want to experience new gadgets as a coffee lover, then go for this Ninja’s best coffee and tea maker. One of the great features of this processor is it can make coffee and tea both for large group gatherings to small events. You can customize its settings for tea and coffee options.

With the latest brewing technology, even beginners can easily handle this machine. This machine is quite efficient in working in that it knows how many soaks of tea are required in processing and at what temperature it can make coffee brewing. From classic, strong, light roast to medium roast you can make any type of coffee in this machine depending on your preferences. By setting its timer you can move freely and go outside because this machine will work automatically. You can insert different size mugs in this processor, from large size mugs to travel coffee mugs.


  • Different settings for coffee and tea.
  • Can make different types of coffee.
  • Reliable product.


  • Slow processor.

10- Technivorm Moccamaster 10-cup Coffee Maker:

Technivorm coffee maker is a product that you can count on for your regular office use. It contains those friendly features that will be useful for you in long term. You don’t need to bother for shutting off its system. Its automatic shut-off feature will help you to move freely without any fear.

Once it had done with processing it will automatically shut down its system. Its glaze cruet and auto-drip option will be helpful for creating less mess. You can even leave your home while it is turned on, it can shut down itself if you have not taken out coffee. You can make 10 cups of coffee at a speed of one minute per cup. It’s efficient working making it the top-rated product on this list.

You can find a copper billing mode that will help to maintain the temperature of the coffee and retain it fresh. Not just its features are outstanding this machine makes mind-blowing delicious coffee as well.


  • Fast brewing speed.
  • Durable material.
  • Auto shut down the system.


  • Fast pouring causes overflowing.


To conclude this discussion about what is the best commercial coffee maker you are now well aware of which brands are ranking in the market. And which factors make these products to buy. Some important considerations are crucial to notice before buying these commercial coffee machines. All the listed above items have some advantages and drawbacks also. My personal opinion is to buy those products that are offering a warranty with a repair facility. Because those products that came with a warranty package are more user friendly and reliable as compared to other ones. So keep reading more about these coffee makers and make the world’s best coffee every day!


  • What is the finest coffee machine brand?

    The greatest coffee makers on the market right now are Braun Brew Sense KF6050 Drip Coffee Maker. Braun Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker. Braun Brew Sense Drip Coffee Moccamaster KBGV Select by Technivorm. Ninja Brewing System with Thermal Carafe for Hot and Cold Brewing. Breville Bambino Plus (Breville Bambino Plus) (Breville Bambino Plus).

  • For a commercial coffee machine, how many bars of pressure do I need?

    Highly qualified machines are set to brew coffee at 9-bar of pressure, while home or semi-professional machines are often quoted to have around 15-bar.

  • When it comes to coffee makers, how long do they last?

    A good coffee maker has a 5-year lifespan on average. The machine can survive up to ten years if you take good care of it by cleaning and descaling it on a regular basis. While some coffee machines can survive up to ten years, you may wish to retire your coffee maker sooner rather than later.

  • What does 15 bar represent in terms of pump pressure?

    The maximum amount of pressure that the espresso machine's pump can deliver during brewing is 15 bars. While that is the maximum pressure, it does not imply that espresso should be extracted at that level. The extraction pressure should be around 8 or 9 bars.

  • Pump pressure is used in which brewing method?

    Methods of Brewing Under Pressure. This process includes applying high pressure to coffee to extract it, and it is most commonly used in three ways: AeroPress, Moka pot, and classic espresso.