Best Coffee Beans for French Press

Best Coffee Beans for French Press

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The French press is one of the classic methods in the world of coffee. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you’re probably always on the search for the best cup. French press cappuccino is now becoming increasingly popular these days since it provides a cafe-like experience in the comfort of home. In this review discussion, you are going to read about the best coffee beans for French press.

However, choosing the appropriate caffeine in your French press could have a big impact on your outcomes. We all agree that the deliciousness of a beverage comes from its fats and oils of beans. We steep out the grind beans to extract the flavor of organic nuts. A lot of people failed to bring out the flavor of coffee this happens because of poor beans selection and brewing methods. I will explain to you what type of beans are best for your cup of joy.

Nothing could be simple in this world, right?

You wake up every morning with blurry eyes to make a French press coffee by adding beans to it. But you miss a major component for making flavored coffee which is a selection of coffee beans. There is numerous type of beans available in the market but for the French press method, you need selective coffee.

How to find the best coffee beans?

While using the French press method there are a few things that can make your experience great. For that purpose, you need to look at the following factors before buying coffee beans at home.

Grind Size:

The grind size is perhaps the most significant component in preparing the perfect product of French press coffee. The beans must be coarsely ground in order for this procedure to work. Coffee that is finely ground can clog the plunger and create difficulties to use. You can grind beans by a grinder or French press methods.

If it’s difficult to press down on the piston, the grounds are probably too fine. This will eventually result in you consuming your espresso with a fork or, at the very least, a grainy crust in your cup.

Use of Hot Water for Cleaning French Press:

When you pour hot water from a teapot into a frozen French press, the temperature falls below the acceptable 203°F. Clean the French press with hot water with your teapot or rinse it under lukewarm water even before your kettle starts to whistle to help keep the temperature consistent.

Beans Selection:

There are multiple top-ranking brands that sell beans for the French press. But what type of beans are for you depends on your preferences. Either you want medium roast beans, dark roast, or light roast. Should choose rough pre-ground beans, such as the ones we discussed earlier.

Many people will tell you that you must use black grind or French roast, and it’s your coffee, so use whatever beans you choose. If you feel that pre-ground coffee lacks the flavor you like, invest in a coffee maker and comprise!

Top-Rated Brands of Best Coffee Beans for French Press

1- Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry best coarse Coffee beans:

Being a coffee lover you are well aware of this coffee brand which is Volcanica and amazingly this coffee has a variety of options. You can enjoy its mild roast to dark thick roast beans. This peaberry coffee comes from natural peaberry farms and gives you a bright thick flavor of the coffee.

It’s available pre-ground to a viscous texture that’s perfect in your French press. While we don’t generally endorse buying ground coffee, we think this is the right crude ground coffee on the market. They’re also farmed on a single farm at 5,200 feet above the water.

Despite being a moderate shade, it is more of a sipping tea. It has a pleasant, lemony flavor with a hint of sweetness. That’s not the caffeine for you if you want a strong start to your day or to pick up the pace in the afternoon.


  • Delightful taste.
  • Rare beans.
  • Mild piquant flavor.
  • You can grind its pre ground nuts.


  • Costly

2- Bean Box Best Overall Coffee beans:

If you are looking for a luxurious coffee bean brand that can serve large family gatherings on regular basis, then this Bean Box package would be an ideal choice for you. Every month, this subscription service will deliver you a different type of freshly roasted coffee. Small samples or whole bags of your favorite roast are available.

With this service, there are a few special features. You’ll also get chocolates, recipes, and coffee trivia in addition to your fresh coffee beans. The coffee is from all around the world, and the packaging is attractive enough to offer as a present.

The coffee has mostly positive reviews, but be prepared to empty your pocket. This pack comes at a cost, but you’ll never run out of coffee again. My personal suggestion of this coffee is that it is among the greatest ground coffee for your French press, whether you’re drawn to the brand’s innovation or the philosophy behind it.


  • Flexible customer services.
  • Different levels of roasts.
  • Comes with little cute gifts.
  • High-quality reliable coffee company.


  • Quite pricey

3- Verena Street Swiss Water Process:

The Swiss Water Process of Verena Street Sunday Drive is brought to us by a family-owned business in Iowa. The name of the company is a nod to the neighborhood where the founders grew up.

This option is decaffeinated naturally using the Swiss Water Process and comes sustainably through Rainforest Alliance–certified coffee farms. The pods are medium roasting and have a smooth, non-bitter flavor.

It’s corrosive, so if you’re a tummy ache, this option would not be right for you. While this decaf is on the extreme fringes of a light roast, it will provide soothing comfort at any time of day. It’s our top recommendation for excellent decaf, despite the fact that it’s a touch costly.


  • Smooth fine texture.
  • Decaf
  • Tenable Source


  • A bit pricey.

4- Sleepy Monk French Roast Coffee Beans:

If the thought of a smoky, toasted cup of coffee makes your mouth wet, Sleepy Monk French Roast is for you. Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters is a cute little treasure popular with locals in Cannon Beach, California, though it’s acquiring a following beyond the state lines. Even though there is no Wi-Fi, which is virtually a bit tricky to find the best coffee, a line of customers forms around the premises when it is open.

This coffee has a smooth finish and a mellow flavor, with deep tones and a robust body that is enhanced while made in some kind of a French press. It makes a dark-brown cup of coffee that tastes like a French roast. The ground coffee to a dark and unique flavor, just shy of scorching. Being a top-notch coffee brand it may be not affordable for everyone but its taste is worth its price.


  • Smooth fine finishing.
  • Dark flavor.
  • Full roast beans.
  • Authentic brand.


  • Not for mild coffee users.

5- Koffee Kult Medium Roast Coffee Beans:

Koffee Kult is one of the best coffee bean brands that is ranking for cold brew French press coffee. It stands out in ranking because of its nonoily texture, rich aroma, and flavor. The best way to grind koffee Kult beans is just before shipping worldwide. That’s why when you open its pack it is full of aroma.

Koffee Kult grinds the coffee for only 24 hours less than before shipping, this reveals why and how the flavors and smells in every cup of joe you prepare are so intense. They also include the time the espresso was brewed on the package as a demonstration of transparency. You can get this package in pre-ground form and grind it by manual methods or by a French press.

It’s brewed with 100 percent Arabica coffee and has the delicious undertones that Arabica coffee is known for its mild weight and medium acidic tone.


  • Rich aroma.
  • Fresh natural roast beans.
  • Comes in large size packages.
  • Medium acidity.


  • Costly

6- Illy Coffee Drip Ground Roast beans:

Moving forward to our discussion about the best coffee beans for french press we are here to discuss another top-ranked product in the market of coffee. This coffee comes from Italy, but it’s made up of a delightful combination of 100% Arabica coffee beans collected from some of the world’s most prestigious locations.

With each sip, the strong coffee emits a rich fragrance of wholemeal toast and intense, deep overtones of cocoa. It is perfect for individuals who want a black coffee with a smooth flavor to use in their French press. This is an amazing, award-winning coffee, having been named the World’s Most Ethical Coffee by Ethisphere again for the seventh consecutive time due to its delicious flavored aroma and taste.

It will astound you to learn that Illy devoted up to eight generations to developing this delectable blend of ground coffee, ensuring that their unique blend is of the highest quality. The ground coffee comes in a special pressurized package.


  • Certified company.
  • Strongly viable.
  • High-quality Airfree packing.
  • Strong deep flavor.


  • Limited expiry time.

7- Real Good Whole Bean Coffee:

Real Good Coffee is made from a blend of Arabica coffee from Central and South America. Brown sugar, chestnut, and cherry flavors pervade Whole Bean Coffee. When you open the box, you get a whiff of hazelnut and plum, it’s when you make a cup that the fragrance becomes unrestrained.

Whereas the bitterness is quite well, the coffee flavor is quite robust for a mid-roast; it’s more like a dark roast. Nonetheless, it’s a pleasant-tasting coffee, particularly when cooked correctly according to the owner’s manual, and it’s on top of the game with Trader Joe’s French press coffee.

For just a 34 oz French press, finely chop the coffee beans and then use 9 tablespoons (equal to 55 grams) of coarsely coffee beans. You should obtain a flavor that’s near to whatever the maker was going for in these medium roast pods if you use this caffeine to a ratio of water.


  • Comes in zip-tight packing.
  • Large selling bags.
  • Full of taste and aroma.
  • Organic coffee origin.


  • No expiry date on packing.

8- Mayorga Coffee Cafe Smooth Organic Coffee Beans:

At its pricing range, Mayorga Organics Café Coffee is undoubtedly the greatest variety of espresso for French press brewing. It’s sweet and powerful, with a rich vanilla taste and smooth finish thanks to the gradual roasting process.

This coffee, marketed as a specialty dark roast, lacks the oily finish and harsh, Smokey flavor found among most medium roast coffee brands. Mayorga specialty coffee is non-GMO, kosher, and organically cultivated in the shade.

The company works with small-scale growers to ensure that everyone knows precisely where your coffee comes from and that they can trace the whole growing process, which you can do as well. The firm verified USDA Organic and satisfies the greatest safe farming techniques thanks to this stringent production method.

The coffee is grown in whole bean form, making it simple to crush the beans to the exact size in the French press. The package itself is pretty large, weighing in at 5 pounds, and should last a number of years, especially in houses with frequent coffee users.


  • Can stay for a long period.
  • Verified organic coffee.
  • Pleasing odor.
  • Non-GMO Product.


  • Taste is not for everyone.


To conclude this topic about the best coffee beans for French Press you are now well aware that what features are essential to consider before buying coffee beans. It depends on your preferences either you want these beans in pre-ground form or processed form. In this discussion, you will read about the top-ranking coffee bean brands in the world. Some are top-notch but their feature is worth buying don’t look at the price tags. Some cheap products are more reliable. So invest time in research of your product then invest your precious money.


  • For a French press, exactly what sort of ground coffee do you need?

    Mild and dark roast coffees are preferred by most French press specialists, as they allow for a longer separation of oils, flavor, and character during brewing.

  • What kind of beans are used in a French roast?

    Turkish, Dark, is the term given to a roasting level of coffee beans that results in a dark brown color. The legumes are now in the close look in this roast. The oils in French roasted beans give them a dark brown color and a gleaming surface.

  • How long should a French press coffee be infused?

    Pour the necessary amount of water into the French Press (see measurements below). Keep an eye on the coffee as it grows. Stir the grounds thoroughly. Allow it to steep for 4-5 minutes.

  • Is it possible to use a French press to make entire coffee beans?

    Ensure to use 1/2 cup whole beans for 4 serves of coffee. To begin, grind the ground coffee to a moderate chop and pour the grinds into the French press's bottom.

  • How long should coffee beans be ground?

    8-10 seconds, some few secs at a time, should suffice for a coarse grind. Try small bursts of 10-15 seconds for a middling grind, and a fine slog would've been just a few seconds or more.