Best Beans for Cold Brew Coffee

best beans for cold brew coffee

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On hot summer days, it’s hard to find a better cold beverage than the best beans for cold brew coffee. With just one cup of this cold brew coffee, your hot summer afternoon will be cool and pleasant for you. The caffeine content in cold brew coffees is enough to bring energetic stamina to us. Cold-brew coffees are trending nowadays just because of their minimal acidic nature and low bitter taste. The cold brew flavor is another fascinating subtle flavor of coffee beans. And of course, all beans are not equal in terms of their taste and reliability. They have some differences according to their taste, flavor, and other benefits that make them top trending among other coffee beans.

Coffee enthusiasts find out to be most grateful for cold brew coffee flavor because all they want is a cup of coffee every day in their hands. And what else is better than a drink of cold brew coffee on hot summer days?  In this review discussion, you will learn about the best beans for making cold brew coffee to buy and bring at home. With the passage of time coffee has developed many flavors and you can now consume it in many ways. Once you start using cold coffee you will forget to get back at hot regular coffee cups.

Most people think that cold brew coffee can be made by heating it and then refrigerating it for the cooling process. But with a little precaution, you can make fresh cold coffee without the heating process. After reading this discourse you will find a better understanding of how to make the best espresso beans cold brew coffee. So stay on this review until you find out your better concepts.

What is Cold Brew?

To understand better concepts of the best cold brew coffee you need clear concepts about what is a cold brew. Cold-brew coffee can be made with simple coffee beans but without any heat process. Beans are soaked in cold water for long hours until their flavor extracts out and delivers less acidic coffee. In other terms, ice coffee is made by pouring bean extract over ice cubes.

There are a few elements you need to consider before getting the best coffee beans for cold brew.

Grinding size:

Whenever you get pre-ground beans and have to grind these beans at home remember one thing about its grinding method. The smooth grinding of beans delivers an offensive taste that is more acidic than usual. That’s is why rude grinding is always preferable for cold brew coffee because it develops a less bitter taste. Depending upon the brewing method, if you are using a slow drip process then grinding size is important to consider. Coarse grinding makes quick results as compared to slow brewing methods.

Light/Dark Roast:

Whatever you go for light or dark roasting keep in mind that light roasts require a long extraction time because this roasting can’t destroy the internal structure of beans. Whereas dark roasting develops a more acidic flavor which is not perfect for cold brew coffee. So it’s always been a contradictory statement about choosing the roasting texture of beans for cold brew coffee.

Benefits of Cold brew coffee:

Cold brew coffee helps in the following ways:

  • It helps in your weight loss journey.
  • Extra caffeine content depends upon the steeping period of beans.
  • Mood and energy booster.
  • Anti- Aging property.
  • Good for stomach and belly.

Hassle-free method.

Types of the best beans for cold brew coffee

1- Koffee Kult Medium Roast Beans:

Are you looking for the best kind of whole bean cold brew coffee brand? Here is your search ended because we are here to review the high-quality coffee bean company that is ranking in the market because of their reliable taste and trustworthy relationship. This Koffee Kult comes from Hollywood Florida. This company is ranking just because of its top fine flavor and delicious coffee aroma.

This coffee consists of 100% Arabica beans that come from Brazil, and Columbia. Also, this Koffee Kult is an ideal choice for making cold brew coffee and satisfying your cravings. You can avail of this coffee in ground form and organic beans form. Its roasting is medium with some notes of dark roast that is without oil content. You can satisfy your cravings with its ground beans without oil content. Because low oil content will deliver a less acidic flavor which is best for cold brew coffee.


  • Available in a medium and dark roast.
  • User-friendly packing.
  • Can be used in different coffee machines.


  • Some people complain about its dark roast acidic flavor.

2- Stone Street Coffee:

There is something marvelous about stone street coffee that makes it better than incredible which is not possible by other similar cold brew coffee companies. If you truly looking for the best beans of cold brew coffee, you need to check this out! Its beans are capable to beat the most expensive cold brew brands in the world.

Its beans origin is America which sells specially cultivated beans for cold brew coffees. The flavor is something sweet, smooth, and at the same time bold.  Its roasting method maintains the original aroma and texture of coffee beans. Another most interesting thing that attracts me personally is its packing. You will be amazed once you open up its bag which is secure in three layers of packing material. This will keep the freshness of the beans whenever you open the bag.


  • Unique packing.
  • Perfect brewing for cold brew coffee.
  • Comes in whole beans and ground beans.


  • Costly

3- Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee:

If you are looking for the best strong coffee in the world you can pick this Death wish whole bean coffee and enjoy your day with a cold coffee mug. This coffee would be the ultimate source of your morning joy. Their manufacturers didn’t use any extra inorganic caffeine content which will destroy the natural taste of your coffee. A list of the best cold coffee beans is incomplete without this Death wish coffee.

This brand not only delivers the best cold coffee they are verified and authentic you will find the best results from organic coffee. Its beans are Arabica and Robusta both will gives you soothing energy for your all hard tasks.

You will feel the flavor of chocolate and cherries just because of the refine brewing of its beans. Once you bring this coffee bag to your home you will never go back to another coffee brand.


  • Verified and authentic company.
  • 100% Pure organic beans.
  • Smooth delicious taste and aroma.


  • Not as strong as it claims.

4- Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee:

If you are hunting for a coffee company that delivers a vast range of coffee flavors under one roof. Then this would be the best hunting result for you. Lifeboost has its versatility for selling more than one kind of coffee. You can get a medium to dark roast whole bean coffee as well as a cold brew coffee.

Lifeboost products a GMO certified so don’t need to worry about the quality of items. Although its beans have decaf in nature but deliver a delicious taste and aroma. You will find a better healthier taste in life boost coffee as compared to other similar ones.

You need to brew its natural beans for up to 6 hours if you are using them for cold brew coffee. Unlike other strong coffees that cause stomach aches, this coffee is light and smooth in its taste.


  • Manually picked beans.
  • Healthy coffee.
  • Does not cause stomach ache.


  • Low-quality packing.

5-Tiny Footprint's best beans for cold brew coffee:

For coffee enthusiasts, this coffee is a great choice because of its light roast and dark roast brewing that serves all kinds of coffee beverages. The most interesting thing that makes this coffee rank globally is its carbon-free coffee. Their manufacturers test their beans before it reaches your doorstep. This step makes the Tiny footprint coffee brand trustworthy and reliable.

Its beans process requires long hours of brewing method which will deliver best delicious aroma. But if your beans roasting is dark you don’t need to brew it for long hours. Another interesting fact about this company that attracts me is its money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel that its taste is good and satisfies your cravings you can claim for returning your money. Its beans are sourced from the origin of Nicaragua. Its crop production is very clean and neat.


  • Single-origin source.
  • Smooth and light taste.
  • User-friendly brand.


  • Might be a bitter taste.

6- Metropolis Cold Brew Coffee:

This coffee company is ranked in the Chicago area because of the freshness of its beans. Metropolis relies on its farmers for the production of natural organic beans for cold brew coffee. Their crop production for beans is growing day by day that’s why every coffee lover knows about this coffee brand in Chicago residence. Big coffee shops are getting a run for their money in the Metropolis.

Their coffee has a walnut flavor with hints of melting dark chocolate and a hint of toast. The coffee is only made for use with cold brewing methods. Metropolis inspects the coffee before providing it to the customers to ensure that it meets the company’s requirements. Depending on your preferences you can avail of its beans in whole bean or ground form. You can brew beans for French press coffee and then pour this liquor into your ice cube water.


  • Available in the ground and whole bean form.
  • Perfect for cold brew coffee.
  • Long-lasting freshness.


  • Shipping is not worldwide.

7- Cafe Du Monde Coffee:

Moving forward to our discussion about the best beans for cold brew coffee we are here with another most reliable and top-ranking coffee brand. Any coffee lover who lives in America would know that Cafe Du Monde is everyone’s priority pick for cold brew coffee. Cafe du monde has been in the world since 1862 era.

This cafe is hype for both travelers and residents. Its beans are developed from chicory which is high in beta carotene. For releasing its bitterness this chicory is grounded and then it converts into a soft shape. Its packing bags are simple yet vintage and traditional. You can avail this flavored coffee in 15-ounce tin packs.

Once you take a sip of its coffee you will feel the tobacco aroma and mellow taste. I would personally recommend this coffee because of its unique high-quality nature


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Can be accessible in any area.
  • Can be useful for both cold and hot coffee.


  • Not an ideal product for high caffeine addicts.

8- Coffee Bros Whole Bean Cold Brew Coffee:

Coffee Bros. is a new coffee company formed by two brothers who are passionate about good coffee. They stand out for their dedication to high-quality sourcing and small-batch roasting, ensuring that each roast receives the care and attention it deserves.

Their medium roast Cold Brew Blend is expertly tailored to highlight the sweet and juicy characteristics that make a refreshing cold brew so appealing. Its Arabica beans came from the origin of the world’s most famous areas Brazil and Ethiopia.

They choose naturally processed beans because they have more inherent sweetness, and then roast them carefully to bring out that sweetness. The end product is a silky brew with chocolate, cherry, and brown sugar notes.

What else do you want from an ideal cold brew coffee? This is what you are looking for in your cravings. Also, you can use its beans for making espresso cold coffee.


  • High-quality source.
  • Natural organic beans.
  • Beans are 100% Arabica


  • Acute Smell.

9- Hazelnut Cold Buzz Cold Brew Coffee:

If you want a hassle-free coffee that can make a quick cup of cold coffee for you any time of the day. This cold buzz coffee comes in pre-ground form so you don’t need to brew its beans for long hours. Its bags are available in mini tea bags form all you need is to dip these bags in cold water and soak them until coffee flavor extracts out.

You can source its beans from Central America and South America. Usually cold brew coffee requires long processing hours that why these are more expensive than hot coffees. That’s why the cold buzz manufacturers keep this thing in mind and made a quick method for making cold brew coffee.

Its hazelnut flavor is a favorite among youth that makes this product most selling. Although it contains other flavors the most reviews-based taste comes from hazelnut.


  • Quick recipe for cold brew coffee.
  • No filtration requires.
  • Sweet hazelnut flavor.


  • Freshness does not last for a long time.

10- Bones Cold Brew Coffee:

If you find your coffee mug boring, then try this lavish versatile coffee of Bones that delivers many flavors. One of the most interesting features of this coffee that is eye-catching is its high-quality packing. Apart from its flavor and delicious taste its packing style is elegant and unique.

They have not only the greatest but also the tastiest coffee ground for cold brew.

Bones Coffee Company is the place to go if you like your coffee with flavors. Cookies & cream, toasted marshmallow S’mores, chocolaty, and vanilla caramel are just a few of their cold brew coffee flavors.

If you would like to grind beans yourself, you can buy go for whole beans coffee of this brand. But in case of a hurry, you can select its pre-ground beans. My review about this coffee is that it would the perfect replacement for a jar in your kitchen.


  • Variety of flavors.
  • Low acidic nature.
  • Good for weight loss journey.


  • Typical coffee lovers may not like its flavors.


To conclude this topic, it is now clear what features are necessary to buy the best beans for cold brew coffee. After reading this discussion you will know about the basics of cold brew coffee and how to make this coffee. Multiple brands of cold brew coffee are ranking in the market but it depends on your preferences what you would choose. All these coffee companies have benefits but also have some drawbacks. So be aware and read about the reviews and do your complete research before getting the best cold brew coffee at home.


  • Does the bean make a difference in a cold brew?

    There is no one thing like right or wrong. However, it indicates that the majority prefers darker roasts for cold brew. There's a good explanation behind this. Darker, fuller flavors, such as nutty, chocolatey, syrupy, or earthy, are common in cold brew.

  • What kind of grind should I use while making cold brew coffee?

    The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder performed very well for coarse and fine-ground coffee, making it an excellent choice for espresso and cold brew. This machine is simple to clean and operate, albeit it is a little noisy.

  • Is it possible to make cold brew with whole beans?

    Cold-brew coffee can be made with any type of coffee bean. To make it more personal, use your favorite coffee! To ensure fresh coffee grounds, use whole bean coffee beans.

  • Can I make cold brew with ground coffee?

    Yes, you can make cold brew using ordinary coffee beans, so your favorite coffee is a fantastic place to start! However, coarse ground coffee beans are recommended. You'll end up with a thick, gritty sludge at the bottom of your cold brew jar if you use standard or finely ground coffee beans.

  • What differentiates cold brew coffee from regular coffee?

    It all comes down to how the beer is made. Unlike iced coffee, which is created by steeping ground beans in cold water and then cooling it down, cold brew is made by steeping ground beans in cold water. This results in a longer brew time as well as a smoother flavor.