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The basics of coffee every person does not know about its history and production. All over the past existence of coffee, millions of people enjoy its great aroma and delicious taste every single day. Still, some people are not able to recognize how coffee looks like and where it comes and how many types are available now. How its charming tree does look like?

The Coffee tree is full of green leaves and cherries. When playing a game or watching something it’s a nice idea to have a drink or some coffee. Some people enjoy tea while some enjoy a coffee or maybe whiskey and even water why not.

A coffee lover should know the basics of coffee so that he/she can enjoy a nice cup of coffee. If someone already knows the basics then he knows the types of coffee or coffee plants.

basics of coffee

Different Coffee Types

If we talk about the basics of coffee then its origin and beans type must be in mind. Approximately there are 200-1000 species of coffee plants, the coffee aroma depends on its fertile soil and its environmental temperature. Arabica and Robusta-type coffee are the ones that are famous.

To make the coffee delight and delicious depends on the type of beans are using. So basically there is a difference between Arabica and Robusta-type coffee. These two harvests and used differently and thus give a different type of taste.

Arabica has a better taste usually more smooth than Robusta. While Robusta has a bitter taste which people usually don’t like and it contains double caffeine than Arabica. So if someone is looking for a nice taste then he/she should go for Arabica.

types of coffee beans

Why someone should go for Robusta?

The Arabica plant usually costs more than Robusta, that’s the main reason for the thin abundance of the Arabica plant. Chances of diseases are high when someone uses Arabica while Robusta gives the coffee an entire year and retains longer.

When someone buying coffee you can find it on the package if it is Arabica or Robusta if it does not say you can go for the price you will hit the Robusta one because Arabica is more expensive than Robusta. But still, both are quite affordable. These two coffee types are the basic types of coffee that are very common.

Other Options

If someone wants to have both the taste of the Arabica and the caffeine from Robusta. You can find a third type of coffee which is also available. Which is the mixture of these two. So other options are available.

Different roasts of Coffee

Coffee give different roasts.  They may be light to dark or very dark. You can find the difference between dark and light roast by the flavor of the amount of caffeine present in light and dark coffee, which is pretty, the same. So do not get confused and buy dark coffee due to its dark roast, dark and light both have some kind of similar taste. Get whatever tastes the better for you.

These roasts types are the basics of coffee but now different ingredients are a part of coffee making procedure which will create some new roasts and aroma.

basics of coffee beans

the coffee-making procedure which will create some new roasts and aroma.

Other ingredients are also present in coffee like nuts and orange or vanilla flavor. It’s like a trial and error thing. If you buy a coffee and you like its texture and flavor you will keep buying it and maybe you will buy one or two cups. But if you try it the first time and do not like its taste you will not buy it again.

Quality of Coffee

The basics of coffee also include the matter of quality. If someone is in the mood for strong coffee and someone more in a mood for smooth coffee is just like the phenomenon of coffee with water quality.

To make coffee better in quality you have to use filtered or mineral water. If you are going to use Tap water its results are not better as compared to those made with mineral water.

determine the quality of coffee

Different ways of making the basic Coffee

  1. The first method is the most simple and general method for making coffee. In this, we use one tablespoon of coffee for a cup of coffee. You can add it more or less according to your better taste. So the first method is simply by using filter paper. Place the filter then place the coffee do not compact it. Then let it just there pre-warm the cop if you can just get some hot water place it on the cup.
    Let it rest until the cup gets hot and reach its ideal temperature when bubbles come up words that are usually the right time for making coffee and slowly pour water which is an important step. This procedure has some issues, which is that filter paper holds back some of that oil which coffee already has. That is why a second method is developed.
  2. The second method is termed as French press now method. French press now can be easily available from ten to a hundred bucks. In this method preheat both the French press and your cup then you just add the coffee and water but the top part back on and just let it rest for four minutes. After four minutes just push it down slowly and serve.

If you compare both methods of making coffee you will see that the coffee made on French press is a kind of thicker and has some oil on the top of it which causes some problems with cholesterol if you drink too much. So it’s a good idea to save French press coffee for whenever you feel something different then just add some sugar if you want while watching your favorite show and playing a game.

So that’s how someone enjoys coffee if he/she knows the origin of coffee.


To conclude this discussion about the basics of coffee you are now well aware It takes a long time to learn everything there is to know about coffee, from planting to harvesting, roasting to preparing and preserving. However, with the above basic knowledge, you should be able to comprehend more about them. Every coffee beginner should have to be aware of the basic knowledge of coffee. It will develop more charm in drinking coffee.


  • 1. What are the four different types of coffee?

    Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica are the four main coffee varieties, and each has a distinct flavor profile.

  • 2. Which country is the largest producer of coffee?


    Simply put, Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer. In 2016, for example, it is estimated that 2,595,000 metric tonnes of ground coffee were generated in Brazil alone.

  • 3. What is the coffee-to-water ratio?

    Coffee-to-Water Proportion

    The "Golden Ratio" is a general guideline that states one to 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every six pints of fluid. This can be tweaked to suit individual tastes.

  • 4. What distinguishes coffee?

    Because low-quality beans have less flavor, these companies roast the beverage darker to hide flaws and extract as much flavor as possible, irrespective of what that flavor is. However, the flavor you frequently detect is over unless burnt. Consider premium tuna or beef.